Selecting The Right Filter Press

Selecting the right filter press is imperative when choosing an efficient and profitable filtration system.

Choosing a reliable filter press that is easily maintained, cost-effective, and easy to install is often difficult and Filtra-Systems offers high-quality consultation and filter presses that last a lifetime and are easily maintained.

An Efficient Solution

The Verti-Press system from Filtra-Systems is an efficient system for slurry dewatering. It has multiple stacked chambers, which allow for a more efficient process.

The advantage of multi-chambers… individual chambers can be taken offline, enabling continued runtime and allowing maintenance to be put off until the entire system is shut down.

Since your system can keep running when one section is down, operating and maintenance costs may be substantially reduced.

It’s Got Functionality…

A functional, fully operational filter press is essential for many processes. The creation of filter cakes removes as much water as possible from the solids in the treatment system.

The Verti-Press has the power to create a high volume of solids and extract the most water possible, making it an incredibly efficient, highly functional system.

These systems are at the forefront of filter press to technology, and Filtra-Systems is committed to continued research and advancement in the filtration industry. The Verti-Press Tower Press is one such example.

The latest update to the Verti-Press is the addition of side seals, for a fully enclosed filtrate design. This increases your process safety by cutting down on potential chemical exposure outside of the filter.

Cost Reduction

Our systems are built to minimize your operating costs. Individual chamber isolation allows for longer runtimes, and less time spent on maintenance.

Another advantage these Verti-Press units offer, they are fully automated and discharge without operator attention.

Installation of a Verti-Press means you will never have to scrape off another plate from a plate & frame filter. Additionally, cake discharge at a single point eliminates redundant material handling, which is doubled in some pressure filters.

Take a look at our selection of products and discover more about the Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press, the most advanced automatic filter press available on the market today