Which Filtration System Is Right For Your Business?

Choosing the right filter press is essential for an effective filtration system.

It can often be difficult to choose a reliable filter press that is easily maintained, cost-effective, and simple to operate. However, Filtra-Systems offers high-quality filter presses that pass the test of time, and are easily maintained and managed.

For instance, the Verti-Press Vertical Tower Filter Press is an effective and efficient system for slurry dewatering. The multiple stacked chambers allow for a more efficient process.

One advantage is individual chambers can be taken offline to enable continued runtime.

Another advantage is maintenance can be put off until the entire system is shut down, therefore the amount of lost working time is greatly reduced. Your operating costs can be decreased and maintenance processes more easily managed.

Functional industrial filtration systems are essential for many processes.

Filter cakes with remove as much water as possible from the solids in the treatment system are often desired.

The Verti-Press has the power to create a high volume of solids and extract the most water possible.

And, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press has side seals for a fully enclosed filtrate design, which increases process safety by cutting down on potential process exposure outside of the filter. It is a highly efficient and highly functional industrial filtration system and is at the forefront of filter press technology.

Filtra-Systems has a commitment to continued research and progress in the filtration industry.

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