Why You Should Choose The Verti-Press

By far one of Filtra-Systems’ most highly touted products, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press is ideal for the dewatering needs of several chemical and industrial mineral companies. Some of the heavy industry companies that use this dewatering filtration system are Kodak and Dofasco. The Verti-Press’ signature characteristic is its vertically stacked columns, allowing for a minimal footprint. Sacrificing footprint does not mean cutting quality, as the Verti-Press produces dry and impressively solid cakes as well as a high wash efficiency.


The Verti-Press features a stacked design that, while simple, will allow companies to use their plant’s vertical space for their operational needs. Tower filter presses take up far less horizontal space than traditional filter presses, meaning that there is more effective plant area. A manufacturing or processing plant inherently comes with a lot of moving parts, both mechanical and human. The implementation of vertical filtration systems such as the Verti-Press can potentially be a key practice for employers looking to minimize safety risks in the workplace.


There are only a small number of moving parts belonging to the Verti-Press, which means that company leaders can save a considerable amount of money on energy and maintenance costs. On top of all that, the individual chambers found in the Verti-Press can easily be isolated, which allows for routine maintenance to be scheduled entirely at the manager’s convenience.


Using a diaphragm, the Verti-Press squeezes the liquid mechanically from solid cakes. Once all of the liquid is pressed out, the remaining dry cakes potentially contain up to 94% solids. Depending on the processing or manufacturing plant in question, a specified dryness might be needed for optimal processes. This is an operational system that allows plants to meet a myriad of requirements at all times.


Through its operation, which combines full automation with high-speed cycling, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press emerges with an extremely high solids output. Thanks to its design, the Verti-Press can maximize efficiency in manufacturing plants by running a dewatering cycle as low as five minutes.

Already known for delivering exemplary products such as the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter, Filtra-Systems is proud to offer the Verti-Press as a versatile, reliable solution for companies that need an efficient way to wash and dewater slurries. If minimizing footprint and workplace safety risks without compromising yield is a priority, then the Verti-Press would seem like the very best option to commit to. The helpful support staff at Filtra-Systems are ready to provide aid to all inquirers. Filtra-Systems has proven time and again how possible it is to find a cost-effective solution for any company looking to drastically improve their operational efficiency.