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Products: FSC1 Single Bag Filter Housing

FSC1 Single Bag Filter Housing

B: 33-3/4"
C: 3-15/16"
D: 1-5/16"
E: 8"
F: 9-5/16"
G: 6-1/8"
H: 9-3/8"

Filter Bag Housing | Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing | Filtra-Systems

FSC1 Single Bag Filter Housings are used in low flow applications, where high temperatures and pressures are not required.

These tested and proven housings have a durable stainless steel construction, and utilize an easy to use v-clamp to close the housing.

All FSC1 single bag filter vessels fit size #2 filter bags and we have them in stock and ready to ship to you.

  • Economically Priced, simple design
  • No Tools required. V-Clamp cover closure makes changing bags fast and easy.
  • No Bypass - bag sealing is guaranteed with our proprietary bag clamping mechanism.
  • Easy to Clean - Vessel housings are electropolished stainless steel.
  • Versatile - Housing will accept either standard or pleated bags.
  • Accepts industry standard #2 size filter bags
  • Large Inventory available.
  • FSC1 series filter bag housings have V-Clamp covers and are rated for 87 psig maximum working pressure.
  • ASME "U" stamp is not available on this design
  • 2" or 3" Threaded connections available
  • These stainless steel bag filter housings use either S4 (304 SS) or S6 (316 SS)
  • Vessel gasket selection is N (nitrile) or V (viton)
  • Vessel includes perforated SS bag support basket - Basket available with R (round) bottom for standard bags or F (flat) bottom for pleated bags.
  • Floor mounting tabs allow for the smallest possible footprint.
  • FSC1 style vessels accept industry standard #2 (30") bags.
  • On the bag filter size chart below: 01-02-02 [First 01 is # of bags (1), second 02 is the inlet flange size (2") and third 02 is the outlet size (2")]

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FSC1 FSC1010202S4NR 1 2 SS 304 87 2" NPT 
FSC1 FSC1010202S6NR 1 2 SS 316L 87 2" NPT 
FSC1 FSC1010303S4NR 1 2 SS 304 87 3" NPT 
FSC1 FSC1010303S6NR 1 2 SS 316L 87 3" NPT 

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