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Products: FSC2 Single Bag Filter Housing

FSC2 Single Bag Filter Housing

 38-7/8" - 52-5/8"
B: 33-3/4" - 47-1/2"
C: 3-15/16"
D: 0" - 13-3/4"
E: 8"
F: 5-3/8"
G: 12-5/8"

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FSC2 Single Bag Filter Housings are used in low flow applications, where high temperatures and pressures are not required. 

FSC2 Single Bag Filter Housings

These SS housings have durable stainless steel construction and utilize an easy to use v-clamp to close the housing. All FSC2 vessels fit size #2 filter bags, and we have them in stock for you. 

  • Economically Priced, simple design
  • No Tools required. V-Clamp cover closure makes changing bags fast and easy.
  • No Bypass - bag sealing is guaranteed with our proprietary bag clamping mechanism.
  • Easy to Clean - Vessel housings are electropolished stainless steel.
  • SS bag filter housing will accept either standard or pleated bags.
  • Large Inventory available.
  • FSC2 series stainless filter housings have V-Clamp covers and are rated for 150 psig maximum working pressure.
  • Fits industry standard #2 filter bags
  • On chart below: 01-02-02 [First 01 is # of bags (1), second 02 is the inlet connection size (2") and third 02 is the outlet size (2")]
  • Material of construction selection is S4 (304 Stainless Steel) or S6 (316 Stainless Steel)
  • Vessel gasket selection is N (nitrile) or V (viton)
  • The stainless filter housing includes perforated SS bag support basket - Basket available with R (round) bottom for standard bags or F (flat) bottom for pleated bags.
  • FSC2-style SS bag filter housings accept industry standard #2 (30") bags.

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FSC2 FSC2010202S4NR 1 2 SS 304 150 2" NPT
FSC2 FSC2010202S6NR 1 2 SS 316L 150 2" NPT
FSC2 FSC2010303S4NR 1 2 SS 304 150 3" NPT
FSC2 FSC2010303S6NR 1 2 SS 316L 150 3" NPT

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