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Products: Discover SCOUT: Your New Mobile Produced Water Recycling System

Discover SCOUT: Your New Mobile Produced Water Recycling System

Mobile Produced Water Recycling System-SCOUT | On-The-Fly Water Reuse


For Oil & Gas Producers Who Need MORE Clean Frac Water (Consistently)

As you may know, On Jan 22nd, 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in a monthly report, the oil output from seven major shale formations is expected to rise by nearly 63,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) in February to a record 8.179 million bbl/d. 

A little quick math, these 8.179 million bbl/d will produce about 32.7 million bbl/d of produced water.

What's important is, in fracing, these 32.7 million bbl/d of produced water which have oil, iron, sticky heavy solids, high salinity & other contaminates are a huge problem and keeping them out of your clean tanks, pits, and ponds is critical...

...And it's what makes this new mobile produced water recycling system welcomed by O&G operators and producers who want to be flooded with clean frac water to frac-on-the-fly.



"YOUR NEW Mobile
Produced Water
 Recycling System"

Developed by Filtra-Systems Company LLC and only offered by Filtra-Systems and Fountain Quail.

Using a different and proven approach, the Scout is proving pinpoint accurate KPI metrics of produced water recycling. This clean water reuse in fracing, flowback, pond-to-pond, AST-to-AST and other oilfield operations are now possible.



If you need a lot of clean fresh water for your next frack, the "Scout" is certainly for you.

It will recycle 10,000 barrels of flowback and produced water into clean reusable fracking water everyday. And It will save you millions of dollars in fresh water costs.


...Using scientifically proven walnut shell filters (AKA: oil removal filters) and our patented STiR fluidization technology.

You see, the Scout effortlessly and quickly delivers you 2x, 5x or more frac ready water compared to old fashion gravity separators (CPI, DAFS, TANKS).

And, if that's not enough, the Scout 100% guarantees to meet your critical oil field water quality KPI metrics.

For the record, it's been field tested and promises to remove any and all oils, solids, iron and bacteria.

Rest assured, it will recycle your produced water under almost all conditions at, or near, the well pad for reuse in your next frac.

"The Scout has been shown, under normal and extreme operating conditions (rain, snow, wind, heat & cold), to smoothly and rapidly remove a whopping 95.1% to 99.3% of suspended solids (TSS) and 89.9% to 99.2% of insoluble hydrocarbons."

Recycle Produced Water For Frac Ready Clean Water

Let's get more specific...

  • You cut down your use of fresh water
  • You'll significantly reduce your produced water recycling costs 
  • You get clean frac grade water, on demand, as close to your point of reuse as possible
  • You make your numbers every month
  • You won’t just have a low cost fracing water, you'll have a huge competitive advantage.
  • The Scouts breakthrough design treats a full spectrum of grades & types of water because no two produced water samples are the same
  • You easily clean 10,000 BWPD production rate (420,000 GWPD)
  • You quickly decrease the amount of storage capacity needed; ponds or AST’s
  • You do almost no work because it's a simple plug-in & go, turn-key mobile water treatment system
  • You'll love the easy fully automated operation
  • Highly mobile trailer design for fast deployment & setup
  • You quickly & easily removes oil, suspended solids (TSS), iron & bacteria contaminates from produced water
  • You lower your use of SWD wells for untreated produced water
  • You recycle & supply 100% of your frack makeup water requirements
  • You'll get crystal clear cleaned frac water with the correct ph & lowest turbidity
  • You have positive ORP treatment to help avoid future contaminant growth
  • Remote cloud monitored of all systems
  • Patented stir media regeneration cycle with backwash volumes less than 1% of production 
  • You eliminated media changing with permanent & sustainable walnut shell media
  • You'll meet or exceed all your federal, state & local water quality requirements 
  • Recycling your produced water close to the point of production minimizes your risk of spills in transportation & storage.
  • You'll invest ZERO capital
  • You'll lower your overall oil & gas production costs
  • And much much more...    

And, the SCOUT is a turnkey, plug-in & go system, with its  own on-board feed pumps, filters and automatic controls. 

It requires no operator intervention, customer support or equipment, only electricity, a few hoses connected and the push of a few buttons.

The Scout easily handles the most challenging applications for you; oil, sticky-heavy solids, varying contaminant load and upset inlet conditions.


Now you can have More CLEAN FRAC READY WATER From your produced water - than you ever thought possible!

Maximizing your oilfield investment returns is important to you, right?

Well, another big advantage of produced water treatment and recycling is… it increases your profits while building businesses, safeguarding communities, protects the environment and strengthens durable economic health.

It's safe to say Filtra-Systems/Fountain Quail 100% guarantees you'll get a steady flow of the cleanest — next frac ready — recycled produced water available today.

Do you realize the Scout is an amazing clean frac water multiplier? 

It all adds up to this... why make capital equipment investments or pay premium prices for fresh water and transportation when you can get barrels and barrels of fracing ready water from your produced water and flowback water, faster, easier and almost free?

Now, what questions do you have about the Scout?

For more information, case studies and a free demonstration call Filtra-Systems now 248-427-9090. You’ll be glad you called.

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