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Products: Perma-Flow Micro Screen Drum Filters

Perma-Flow Micro Screen Drum Filters



Drum Filter - Central Coolant Filtration System

- Aluminum Machining

- Cast Iron Machining

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The Perma-Flow is a rotary indexing micro screen vacuum filter which offers a number of benefits in machining applications. 

These drum screen filter units are available with 3.5 square feet of filter area up to 140 square feet per unit, for a custom match to your application.

Perma-Flow offers strainer type separation with a unique pressurized incremental backwash system and scraper for positive cake removal. 

Fine filtration of less than ten micron is a reality with the Perma-Flow rotary drum filter, and its modular design provides for parallel operation on large systems, or total spare capability.

Perma-Flow Vac

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  • Stainless steel micro-screen septum
  • Patented Cylinder I.D. and O.D. Screen Doubles Filter Area Per Unit.
  • All drive components are mounted in the top of the rotary drum filter, above liquid level, allowing visual inspection of drive.
  • Patented Incremental Backwash
  • Continuous, Fully Automated Operation of Rotary Drum Screen Filter
  • No Clean Tank Required
  • Compact and Modular (95%) Cake Retention Increase Coolant Clarity During Index
  • Effective Scraping in No Flow Zone Filter Area From 3.5 to 140 sq. ft.
  • Package Systems Available for Existing Tanks


Perma-Flow Vac


Perma-Flow Vac


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