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Industrial Water Purification Systems | STiR Industrial Water Filter

the next generation of industrial water filter systems

Filtra-Systems has been providing industrial manufacturers with the best in industrial filtering systems for over three decades.  

Our patented STiR fluidization technology has been validated in production and mathematically proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle.

This effectiveness makes the STiR industrial water filter unmatched among industrial water purification systems, especially when compared to older technologies like sand, anthracite, and carbon media filters that do not completely fluidize the media during backwash and are susceptible to media fouling.

When removing suspended solids and oil, these STiR industrial filtering systems provide double the throughput efficiency of conventional sand filters or graded mixed media filters. 

Under normal operating conditions, the STiR removes 95% to 99% of suspended solids and 90% to 99% of insoluble hydrocarbons, without the use of chemicals.


how stir works

As contaminants are captured and flow is restricted, a vacuum pressure builds.

Once the vacuum pressure reaches its designated set point, the regeneration STiR Test Filtercycle is automatically triggered, the media is cleaned, and the contaminants are then removed.  

This process is verified via the visual indicating media bed sight glass located on each unit, and return of the vacuum pressure to its clean bed set point of 0 inches Hg.

Once proper vacuum pressure is reached, the industrial water filter begins the patented media cleaning/regeneration process. All flow is eliminated and the agitator becomes energized to completely stir the tank.  

The philosophy is that all of the filter media and contaminants captured become a homogeneous mixed slurry in the filter tank.  

Once mixed, process water is allowed to enter via the filter inlet, while the pump pulls the liquid containing all of the contaminants out through the backwash exit pipe. 

The filter media is retained in the industrial water filter during this cycle by the backwash screen, as contaminated water is flows through and is sent to upstream processing or waste handling.


engineered & Supported to meet your needs

Single filtration units are able to process 50 to 6,500 gpm each, depending on the application.

These industrial water purification systems are pre-assembled at the factory and shipped to the site, skid mounted, ready for installation.

Units that have a diameter greater than 20' have filtration tanks designed in easily shipped and site assembled sections, to minimize freight and installation costs while maximizing single unit throughput.


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technical information

  • Generates the smallest backwash volume of any competing technology. Only ½% of throughput.

STiR Backwash Profile


  • High Removal Efficiency - 95-98% suspended solids removal and 90-95% insoluble oil removal efficiencies are obtained.
  • Permanent Filter Media - The STiR Filter utilizes black walnut shell media, a “green” sustainable material, which is not mined, chemically inert, hard, resilient and preferentially water wetted.
  • Throughput Efficiency - Higher flow-rates and short/efficient backwash cycles mean less than ½ % of the daily throughput is waste.
  • Media Replacement - Under normal operation no regular media replacement is required (typical media life is 30 years, with 2-5% attrition).
  • Minimum Backwash Volume - The STiR Deep Bed filter uses the smallest amount of backwash volume of any deep bed filter.
  • Range of Sizes - Single unit capacities range from 3,600 bpd (24 m3/h) (50 gpm) to 250,000 bpd (1,660 m3/h) (7300 gpm).


  • Lower Capital Cost - The StiR Filter utilizes an open tank design, in lieu of a pressure vessel, which significantly reduces costs.
  • Lower Installed Cost - The STiR Filter is provided with level control and a dedicated pump to control both flow rate and pressure. No additional equipment is required to operate. 
  • Atmospheric Tank – The unit has an atmospheric tank in lieu of a pressure vessel, which minimizes cost. 
  • Compact Design - The filtration units are skid-mounted for ease of installation and come complete with all the required components for automatic operation.
  • Easily handles upset conditions (very high loading of solids or oils)
  • Unique Backwash Concept – By using the kinetic model of a CSTR we can mathematically prove that the contaminants are removed during each backwash.  No other technology can guarantee this.
  • No Auxiliary Backwash Equipment - Process water used for backwash supply water, therefore separate clean water sources, storage facilities or other ancillary equipment is not required.
  • No Chemical Consumption - Normal operation requires no chemicals for filtering and no surfactants or additives for back washing.

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