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The Verti-Press Filter (VPC) is the next generation of automatic pressure filtering technology.

The VPC does not clam shell open and close, instead it uses patented pneumatic seals to seal the chamber off during filtration. Once filtration is complete, compressed air forces the remaining liquid through the filter media, which removes contaminants from the cutting oil.

Next, the filter media is automatically discharged from the automatic pressure filter after each filtration cycle.

The horizontal chamber in this pressure filter design ensures an even filter cake formation and allows for the VPC units to be stacked, one on top of the other to minimize the footprint.

Another benefit of these automatic pressure filters is, in multiple chamber installations, chambers operate independently and can be isolated to maximize run times.

The VPC is typically constructed out of carbon steel to minimize cost and still allows for the robust pressure filter design. 

The units are used in the metalworking and steel industries for filtering contaminants from coolants, oils, and wash water applications.

The VPC has the flexibility to be incorporated into an existing facility or packaged with a clean/dirty tank and pumps for a complete turnkey system.

How open-minded are you about seeing if these Verti-Press Filters could work in your manufacturing facility? Call us now to discover more benefits of this pressure filter design. 

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other applications

  • Metalworking Industry - Complete Filtering Systems, including VPC Filter, clean an dirty tanks, filter feed and system feed pumps, and is completely automated with PLC and HMI controls.
  • Steel Industry - Filtering contaminants from mill oil and water used in cold rolled steel processing.
  • Cold Roll Steel -  5-stand and 4-stand Tandem cold mill: filtering soluble oils and water.
  • Stainless Steel - 4-high reversing, Bar and Rod mill, Sendzimir mills and z-mills: filtering scale water and mineral oil coolant.
  • Tin Plate - 5-stand and 6-stand tandem: filtering metal insoluble solutions and detergent recirculation
  • Carbon Steel - 6 High Reversing, 6-Strand, and 2-Strand Concast: filtering soluble oil and spray water coolants
  • Steel Slabs - Hot reverse Slabbing, scarfer mills, and hot strip mills: filtering coolant water
  • Copper and Brass - 5-stand cold copper mill, brass hot mill, and 2-high hot mill: filtering mineral oil conditioning and soluble oil and water coolant systems
  • Nickel - 4-high reversing mill: filtering soluble oil and water systems
  • Hot Copper Rod - 4-stand and 5-stand hot copper rod mill: filtering soluble oil systems


      1. Robust pressure filter design (carbon steel construction) with stationary chambers (minimum of moving parts).
      2. Sub-micron filtration.
      3. Does not use hydraulic ram to open and close.
      4. Fully automated with PLC and HMI controls.
      5. Standard sizes from 25-400 ft2 of filtering area/ per unit, to meet your requirements
      6. Minimum of moving parts - minimize footprint, multiple filter chambers can be stacked vertically.

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