Better Filtration Through Better Technology

Better Filtration Through Better Technology

Filtra-Systems provides custom-engineered industrial filtration & separation products, systems and technology worldwide.

At Filtra-Systems Company we strive to be a technology leader in every industry we serve. This goal is achieved through a strong commitment to R&D, which has resulted in more than thirty-five patent awards, diverse product line, which in turn has supported the continued growth of our company.

Our 34 years of experience working in a variety of industries, allows us to provide our clients with the most informed technical solution to improve their operation and plant efficiency. 

We work in partnership with our clients from the initial testing and engineering phases, all the way through installation, commissioning, service, and continuous process improvement.     

We treat every project on an individual basis and work with our customers to provide the best solution for each application.

Filtra-Systems is an ISO9001 registered company. 

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