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About Filtra Systems

Smart people power our company. And we empower our team to engineer exceptional filtration, separation and purification products and systems for you and your company.

We've helped thousands of professionals from multinational and other businesses working in metalworking, water & wastewater, oil & gas, chemical, industrial minerals, steel industries and much more.

Founded in 1979, our team has installed over 19,500 filtration systems worldwide.

These systems and products have been successfully engineered, manufactured and installed in real-world operations and continue to stand the test of time.

Our team of engineering experts has proven protocols and organizational frameworks to quickly and easily service any systems you get from us.

Each industrial filtration system, integrating many components into one superior system (more than the sum of its parts) is specifically designed and engineered to meet your exacting requirements and applications.

Our team partners with you from the initial testing and engineering phases, all the way through installation, commissioning, and service, it's how we all succeed and grow even more.


As filtration systems experts that have helped a wide variety of people in a broad range of heavy industries, we are very familiar with many of your requirements.

Here are a few of the industries that count on our tested and proven reliable industrial filtration systems.

Metal Working Industry:

Market leaders in the design, manufacturing, and installation of machine tool coolant filtration systems, fluid transfer technologies, chip processing systems, and packaged hot oil treatment systems.

Oil and Gas Industries:

We help people all around the world by designing, engineering and manufacturing thousands of filtration and separation systems as well as mobile and modular produced water recycling systems for the oil and gas industries.

Projects have included fracking water flowback (produced water) recycling, in steam flood fields, SAGD facilities, offshore production wells, and much much more.

Water & Wastewater Industry:

And, we have developed the best available technology for removing suspended solids and oil from industrial wastewater, process water, and contaminated soil through groundwater remediation. We will be happy to help you get your water recycled or treated to meet federal, state and local environmental disposal guidelines.

Additionally, we have mobile, modular and permanent systems which have successfully removed PFOA, PFOS, PFAS (also called "Forever Chemicals") contamination to non-detectable levels.

Chemical, Mining, and Steel Industries:

A wide variety of liquid-solid separation systems have been developed and patented by Filtra-Systems.  

These technologies will simplify your processes, increase your production, improve your product quality while reducing energy consumption and labor requirements.