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Industrial Filtration And Systems

Industrial Filtration And Systems

Filtra-Systems is your global leader in custom-engineered industrial filtration & separation products, systems, and technology. 

For more than 38 years, working with hundreds of dominant manufactures in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, mining and many other industries we've always provided the most informed options, strategies and technical solutions to improve your operations and plant efficiency with respected results.

industrial water filters, coolant filtration systems & more

Our mission is and has always been to be the technology leader and masters of execution in every industry we serve.  

From wastewater treatment to coolant filters, a strong commitment to R&D is the common thread between all of our product categories.  This commitment has resulted in over thirty-five patents awarded to Filtra-Systems and our diverse product line-up continues to support the growth of our company.

Working in partnership with you from the initial testing and engineering phases, through installation, commissioning, service, and continuous process improvement is how we all profit.  

Every project is unique, and we firmly believe that working with you to create tailored solutions is the best way to help meet your important manufacturing, production and business goals.

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Filtra-Systems Company is a part of CNI Commercial, a subsidiary of Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc., and an ISO 9001 registered company.

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