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Custom-Engineered Industrial Filtration Systems & Solutions

Filtra-Systems promises to help improve your industrial manufacturing processes with tested and proven filtration and separation while helping you also reduce your manufacturing costs, operational costs and filtration headaches.

You will get complete process design, equipment engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation. All happening within the management of your process teams because you'll have complete control in shaping your project to exactly the end results you want and expect.

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Get the Perfect Industrial Filtration Solution for Your Application & Process

Discover more about these popular solutions offered in the following industries:

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Even though our filtration equipment isn't directly producing parts that are installed in cars, trucks or other vehicles, Filtra supports and protects the machines and people that produce gears, transmissions, motors, and engines which have an influence on every vehicle on the road.

Chemical and Mining Industry

Chemical and Mining Industry

Our filtration systems are built to have the highest filtration density with the best industry technology available.

With these filtration systems and products, you'll get efficiently manage industrial economics. You'll also get a reduction in your operating and maintenance costs while increasing performance in a smaller footprint.

Commercial Air Filters Industry

Commercial Air Filters Industry

Commercial air filters are now more important than ever.

Filtering the air around you and creating a safe environment is of major importance in the workplace.

Having filters that can run 24-hrs a day and provide you continuous service at a high rate of airflow is mandatory.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly is it that you would like to filter more efficiently?

General Manufacturing Industry

General Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing powerhouse still heavily relies on metal cutting, wastewater, and air environment conditions; the embodiment of removing material using high-speed tooling or a specific deterring process critical to your plant operations. 

Don't worry we have seen these situations many times before and are perfectly equipped to help you solve almost any filtration issue.

Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Commercial air purification and filtration will easily improve the air quality in your workspace while helping create a cleaner environment.

Focusing on the separation and capture of airborne particles adversely affecting your manufacturing processes, operators, and the environment will help keep your employees safer and your business more profitable.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Government regulations dealing with produced water discharge limits have led to many more requirements for advanced technologies for oil-water separation.

When you recycle produced water you'll get many more ways to enhance the efficiency of your oil recovery, water reuse and filtration operations.

OEM Machine Tool Industry

OEM Machine Tool Industry

OEM machine tools have several integration challenges when selling equipment to the end users' facility.

Utility connections required for the machine to operate properly are resource-intensive and typically require specific infrastructure changes at the end-users facility, sometimes leaving a gap in the system engineering.  

Process Water Industry

Process Water Industry

Effective water management is crucial when considering process water usage in your overall operational strategy.

Most water-based industrial processes, including heating, cooling, processing, cleaning and rinsing all have the same ultimate goal, to reduce operating costs, risks and limit costs to landfills. 

Many times process water can be filtered and reused, saving you environmental disposal headaches. 

Why Choose Filtra Systems?

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Your Trusted Partner for Success

Because our team of expert engineers, project managers and client services are always on your side.

Because you'll get the right filtration and separation system for your manufacturing facility which will confidently, reliably and measurably performs as promised.

Just imagine the impact the perfect filtration system will have on your manufacturing efficiency, end-product quality and your bottom line.

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