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Applications Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil Filtration System
Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil Filtration System

Transmission Oil Filtration Systems

The evolution of the transmission started with simple gear shifting between four speeds; however, as fuel efficiency has become the focal point of many carmakers the transmission has gone through an overhaul of complexity and precision.

Gears now go through a high-precision manufacturing process and are installed in 8-speed, 9-speed, or 10-speed transmissions. The oil that goes inside is just as important to the carmaker and the customer when they receive their car.

Filtra-Systems provides transmission oil filtration systems that can optimize performance and extend the life of your CNC metal machining systems.

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In most gear assembly operations the transmission must be checked to ensure the ratios and balancing are correct.

Our transmission oil filtration systems incorporate several steps in order to ensure that the oil we are delivering is of the utmost quality and set to the testing requirement used in the manufacturing process.

This high level of oil treatment can be directly tied to the production rate at which the transmission are tested therefore increasing efficiency and lowering costs from large campaign reworks. 

The final product oil is of the utmost quality and better than what you receive from the auto parts store.

We used custom engineering principles developed by our Filtra engineering team to properly condition the oil for use. This requires step filtration strategies, properly heating for production efficiency, and water removal to mitigate rust or oxidation.

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Cost Savings

We have worked with thousands of clients to create custom filtration systems that are the perfect solution for various filtration needs.

Our transmission oil filtration systems are no different and can be applied to other closed-loop filtration systems.

The price of neat oil continues to be a high price consumable; reusing the oil is the best course for lowering your operational costs. Conditioning oil for reuse saves procurement costs, disposal and cost to landfill.

Reclamation systems can be quickly developed for any application.

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