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Central Coolant System

Central Coolant Filtration System

Filtra-Systems, a global leader in the design, manufacture and operation of the central coolant filtration system.

The emergence of central coolant systems came from the necessity to have a central platform perform several operations at once to a large volume of cutting lubricant. 

The Central Coolant Systems (CCS) became a central platform that hosted several operations to treat and condition the coolant.

Temperature control, air filtration, water management, bi-metal separation, are some of these processes to only name a few.

These modular components are designed with preventive maintenance and plant floor layout in mind.

Smartly packaged into a small footprint the capacity that these systems can accomplish is unrivaled.  

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Additional Information

Our extensive industry experience, broad client list, and over thirty patented products help to deliver optimized filtration systems to our customers that are easily integrated into their operation.

Our expert engineers understand the industry segment and have a broad knowledge of how metal cutting operations work and what is the most efficient way to tackle these problems with the suite of products that are available to you. 

From system upgrades, expansions, or new process optimizations we have the ability to support you through any layout or process challenge.

Various coolant filter projects that we have worked on over the years help us offer you a more comprehensive and well-thought-out product line of equipment.

For example, we've worked with applications from 50 GPM to 50,000 GPM for every type of machining operation using lubricating cutting fluid and can help you with yours too.

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Process Variables

The design of a central coolant filtration system is dependent on a series of specifications and requirements based on your process.

Some of the process variables that can be met with a central coolant system are the following:

  • Chip Load
  • Pressure
  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Air Filtration 
  • Chip processing
  • Super Clean Clarity Requirements
  • Preference for In Floor or Above Floor coolant supply or return strategies
  • Preference for Vacuum or Pressure Filters
  • Preference for Permanent Media or Disposable Filters
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Customer Focused

Our team of experts is always customer-focused helping you get the perfect solution for your application.

You can customize your central coolant systems based on these specifications to create a system that meets your exact needs and expectations. 

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Filtra-Systems has worked with business leaders across various industries to design and manufacture breakthrough filtration systems for industries, such as:

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We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we carry many other certifications that can be found here. 

Our dedication to providing you with the highest quality filtration systems has helped us grow for over 40 years by providing high-quality systems that meet and exceed your expectations. 

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Our team of expert engineers, project managers and client services are always on your side.

Our goal is to help you get the right filtration and separation system for your manufacturing facility that confidently, reliably and measurably performs as promised.

Just imagine the impact the right filtration system could have on your manufacturing efficiency and your bottom line.

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