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Applications Ground Water Filtration
Ground Water Filtration

Groundwater Filtration & Remediation Systems

Our groundwater filtration systems are engineered to remove the hydrocarbons (mostly crude oil) from groundwater. 

Soil is continually excavated, removed from site and the excavation process typically uncovers the groundwater that was previously tainted by the former industrial operation. 

The result is the formation of ponds, which are pumped to the water treatment facility. The oil is first separated from the groundwater with an IGF and then water is polished with a Filtra-Systems STiR filter, prior to discharge.

The water that is sent to the filter ranges in total contamination of 10 ppm To 50 ppm of the hydrocarbon. The effluent quality is less than 1 ppm hydrocarbon and TSS.  

The filter runs until a specific level is reached and then executes a backwash cycle, effectively cleaning the filter.

The groundwater filtration is continually processed and skim from the IGF is stored and then trucked offsite.

Filtra-Systems has over 40 years of expertise and experience in providing customers with high-quality groundwater filtration systems.

We work tirelessly to find the ideal solution for your filtration needs. Our team of experts has worked with various industries providing unmatched customer service and reliable groundwater filtration systems. 

Groundwater remediation systems are vital in providing support to the environment and in providing a clean living space for people. That is why our team of experts is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your needs with our high-quality, custom-engineered groundwater filtration systems. 

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