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Produced Water

Produced Water Treatment Solutions


You know that water is an essential component in both the cost and process of oil & gas fracking.

That is why you are searching for a proven reliable solution to oilfield water treatments. 

You may also be searching to find a solution to water clarity and disposal.

Are you looking for dynamic equipment that can reuse the water in your process rather than dealing with trucking and disposal; a very costly and time-consuming expense?

Do you also want to reduce the transportation of large amounts of fresh water and eliminate the large storage wells on your sites?

In short, you'll get huge efficacy gains with on-site operations and site preparedness; while maintaining the flexibility of turning this system off and on at a moment’s notice.  

These efficiency models are built into our mobile Voyager water recycling equipment and can be deployed over a wide area to support multiple sites.  

Mobilization and demobilization are fast and easy and have proven to be much more cost-effective than running long pipelines to interconnect the network.

Having over 40 years of experience in manufacturing custom-engineered, high-quality filtration systems in the oil business will give you a huge advantage.

You'll appreciate these reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient systems that promise to exceed your expectations.

Our team of filtration experts is here to assist you from the start of your process through production and will continue on to your next location.

By the way, you may be able to fit this equipment into your operational budget. Ask us about our Produced Water Treatment Recovery Rental Systems.

Now, just imagine the impact this could have on your bottom line.  Call us today at 248-427-9090.

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Produced Water Treatment System

Custom Solutions

At Filtra Systems, we offer unique solutions to unique situations.

Our team of experts and their extensive knowledge will assist you in creating a custom solution that fits your needs and helps you reduce costs while fracking. 

We partner with each of our customers from the initial testing phases through installation to ensure that our systems exceed expectations. Our team of experts will continue to assist you down the road with any service needed for our systems. 

Trusted partner

Your Trusted Partner for Success

This team of expert engineers, project managers and client services is always on your side.

The ultimate goal is to help you get the right filtration and separation system for your manufacturing facility that confidently, reliably and measurably performs as promised.

Just imagine the impact the right filtration or separation system could have on your manufacturing efficiency and your bottom line.

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