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Applications Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions 


Many industries use water as a primary commodity in their manufacturing processes.  In many applications, water becomes contaminated and needs filtration before it can be properly discharged or reused.

Treating fouled industrial wastewater properly can get you clean reusable water while reducing your overall cost to landfill and waste removal. 

These tested and proven filters are specifically designed to target and remove solids that are in liquid solution or capture dissolved contaminants while continuously discharging clean effluent water. 

The self-cleaning, continuous, autonomous operation creates a clean water resource that can be used within the ongoing operations reducing your water consumption and protecting your equipment. 

The greater level of equipment protection you get results in longer uptimes, fewer preventive maintenance shutdowns and higher productivity.

Our team of filtration experts is here to assist you with your industrial wastewater planning process through production and continues on to your next location.

Just imagine the impact this could have on your production process.  For more details call us today at 248-427-9090.

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Custom Solutions

Filtra-Systems provides you with reliable, high-quality systems while delivering various solutions to unique situations.

Our team of experts—with their extensive knowledge—will help you create a custom solution that fits your applications and helps you reduce your wastewater costs. 

We partner with you from the initial testing phases through installation to ensure that systems exceed your expectations.

Our team will continue to help you down the road with any service needed for our systems. 

Your Trusted Partner for Success

This team of expert engineers, project managers and client services is always on your side.

The ultimate goal is to help you get the right filtration and separation system for your manufacturing facility that confidently, reliably and measurably performs as promised.

Just imagine the impact the right filtration or separation system could have on your manufacturing efficiency and your bottom line.

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