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Blog Advantages of Industrial Cartridge Filters

Advantages of Industrial Cartridge Filters

Searching for a disposable filter for your manufacturing system?

There are two different types to consider: cartridge filters and bag filters.

Bag filters are made of several materials and are generally considered to be surface filters, while cartridge filters can be either surface or depth filters.

The big question is, what type of filter best suits the needs of your company?

Read the information below to help you with the selection process.

Please keep in mind, every solution is different, and it is possible that you and your company may require more than one piece of equipment for efficient and cost-effective filtration.

What Are You Trying To Filter?

This question is crucial because the type of contaminant being filtered can be removed more efficiently by one type of filter than another.

For example, most cartridge filters are going to be very effective against very small contaminants, at a concentration of less than 50 ppm.

These filters will be effective against fine contaminants but may not be as efficient when filtering larger particulate, at higher concentrations because they will clog up the filter.

Filtra-Systems industrial cartridge has a high contaminant removal rate.

These cartridges have very fine, highly concentrated fibers on the inside of the cartridge, and larger fibers with more porous openings on the outside of the cartridge to catch a large number of contaminants.

How Do You Want To Filter

How much space is needed for your filter?

To process larger flow rates, larger filter housings are needed.

Alternately, larger filter housing can be installed in applications with low flow rates, so that the filter will not need to be changed as often.

Two different cartridge filter designs are offered: depth and surface.

A depth filter looks like a block of material and catches material throughout the cartridge. A surface filter will typically have a pleated material, and only catches solids on the outer surface.

These are typically absolute rated filters (catches 99.5% of contaminants at a given micron rating) while depth filters are nominally rated.

The Advantages

Overall, depth cartridges have the advantage of thickness and depth, allowing for more material to be caught by the filter.

These cartridges are also easily replaced and are disposable.

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