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Blog Remove Fine Particulates with an Industrial Cartridge Filter from Filtra-Systems

How to Remove Fine Particulates with our Industrial Cartridge Filter

Consider this fact: both industrial bag filters and cartridge filters are used in various industries to separate particles out of liquids as they pass through the filter media.

The choice of which type to use depends on the type and amount of particulate that needs to be removed.

Industrial bag filters are typically used in applications where solids must be removed from the liquid. These filters separate the solids from the liquid on the inside of the filter as the liquid flows from the inside of the bag to the outside.

On the other hand, an industrial cartridge filter is preferred when there are low levels of contamination and fine particles need to be removed. They are also the primary choice for most water purification processes.

A cartridge filter may also be used after other types of filters for a final level of filtration and protection.

What Sets Filtra-Systems Industrial Cartridge Filters Apart?

And, the design and materials used to make an industrial cartridge filter determine how effective it will be at separating particulate from a liquid.

There are hundreds of industrial filters on the market today, making it difficult for companies to know which type to choose for the most efficient filtration process.

At Filtra-Systems, we make getting the right filter for your application easy.

Another feature that sets our company apart is our carefully engineered and designed filters that offer high flexibility for any industrial filtration system.

Because no matter what size, media, or characteristics you need, we have the industrial cartridge filter that offers real and proven solutions for your application.

Filtra-Systems works with a wide range of industries providing them with the industrial bag filters and cartridge filters needed to achieve high separation rates.

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