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Blog Selecting The Right Bag Filter Media

How to Select The Right Bag Filter Media

When it comes to selecting the right bag and cartridge filter media, there are a few options to fit your needs.

Nylon bags are mostly used to filter solvent, and in other applications where porous filters are needed.

Nylon monofilament mesh filter bags are welded with nylon monofilament plain weave fabric. This nylon mesh filter material provides a fixed aperture and constant filtration efficiency.

There are a variety of pore sizes available, between 100 and 425 microns.

When you are looking for extraordinary adsorption properties for organic chemical compounds, activated carbon filter bags would be your best bet.

Typically, these bag and cartridge filters are used for removal of trace amounts of organics, color, or odors from hazardous waste water streams.

The most economical filter material is the needle felt filter bags. They are made from the most cost-effective disposable filter material available.

These are often used for low and medium viscosity liquids.

There is a wide variety of filter ratings available, and the materials offered are polypropylene and polyester.

If you need to remove oil and other impurities from water or wastewater in industrial applications, our high-efficiency oil absorption filter bags may be for you.

They are made from melt-blown polypropylene fiber, which has a large oil-absorbing filter area, and excellent absorption capability.

Additionally, they are acid-proof, alkaline-proof, and resistant to tearing.

These efficient oil bag filters have multiple layers, which gives them over 90% removal efficiency, and a high oil holding capacity.

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