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Automotive Industry Filtration - Coolant, Water, Air & More

One of the largest industries in the world; the automotive industry reaches cultures and businesses in all industries.

Even though our equipment does not produce any parts that are installed in or on a car, truck, or bus, Filtra-Systems supports the machines and people who manufacture gears, transmissions, motors, and engines, which have a significant impact on almost every vehicle on the road.

In the automotive industry, we provide tried-and-true filtration and separation solutions for coolant filtration/recovery, water treatment and air filtration.

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Automotive Filtration Systems

Complete connectivity with a single point contact...

The automotive industry is constantly under transformation to meet the needs of producing the most high-quality products that can be manufactured.

This is typically done through a combination of connected networks and physical assets. The interconnectivity of equipment on the manufacturing floor has presented an opportunity to streamline integrations and expand control within the operation to meet these goals.  

Understand that precision manufacturing requires precision control and utility support to operate in this setting, our equipment covers a broad spectrum of supply within the industry including coolant filtration, mist collection, material handling, valve automation, supply/return coolant support equipment, and more.

All have been designed to operate within an ecosystem that is used in conjunction with each other creating a robust system that saves time while staying efficient, effective, lean and very reliable. 

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Filtration Done Safely & Efficiently...

Filtra-Systems manufactures custom-engineered filtration and pre-designed filtration systems that are highly versatile and can fit a variety of your applications. 

Our extensive industry knowledge and experience make it possible to assist you in creating a solution that fits your application, facility and goals.

We partner with you from the initial testing phases so that your automotive parts manufacturing can implement from either catalog to find which way is the best way to operate. 

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Our team of expert engineers, project managers and client services are always on your side.

Our goal is to help you get the right filtration and separation system for your manufacturing facility that confidently, reliably and measurably performs as promised.

Just imagine the impact the right filtration system could have on your manufacturing efficiency and your bottom line.

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