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Industries: CNC Machine Tool Coolant Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration systems for cnc machines

Want to get powerful custom industrial filtration and separation products, systems, and technology for metal cutting, CNC machines and many more industrial applications?

For those of you who aren't familiar with Filtra-Systems, we have designed, build and installed over 16,000 filtration systems world wide.

In fact, we have changed the way CNC manufactures and machine tool shops approach filtration and separation forever.

Take a look at the graphic below to see how you can benefit from these CNC filtration and separation solutions.


Filtra-Systems Metal Cutting Flow Chart


turnkey coolant filtration solutions

These turnkey CNC coolant filtration and chip processing systems are robust designs capable of continuous operation in support of production machining applications. 

A small sampling of products our customers manufacture that leverages our coolant filtration systems includes engine blocks, heads, camshafts, crankshafts, gears, bearings, axles, brakes, and much, much more.

Packaged oil treatment systems are used to purify oil in transmission test and fill stands.

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To get more information on these coolant filter systems or other industrial filtration products, click on the product titles or pictures below. 

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Central Coolant Filtration Systems

Here at Filtra-Systems, we have extensive experience designing and engineering central coolant filtration systems in facilities worldwide. Contact us today.

PV-50 Standalone Machine Tool Coolant Filter & Oil Mist Collection

The PV-50 is a standalone coolant filter that operates as a turnkey liquid and air filtration solution & oil mist collector for gear grinding and honing. Discover the perfect system for your facility today!

CNC Machine Tool Coolant Mist Collectors

This multi-stage separator removes oil mist from the air. Learn more about filtermist collectors, mist eliminators and mist filtration while discovering these tested and proven single & central mist collections systems.

VPC Pressure Filter

Featuring a slew of technological innovations, the Verti-Press Filter is the next generation of automatic pressure filtering. Learn more at Filtra-Systems!

Hydro-Vac Vacuum Filter

The Filtra-Systems Hydro-Vac system is designed to boost metal cutting productivity and double or triple tool life! Find out how it works at Filtra-Systems.

Hot Oil Treatment System

We offer custom designed oil treatment systems to help clients meet specific requirements for flow, temperature, pressure, and cleanliness. Learn more here!

Mini-Vac Vacuum Filter

The Mini-Vac compact vacuum filtration system features a self-contained design, allowing it to roll anywhere in your facility. Buy it today at Filtra-Systems!

Bag Filter Housings

Filtra-Systems has provided bag filter housings to a wide range of industries for almost four decades. Browse our various bag filter housing products here!

Bag Filter Media

We offer a variety of bag filters made from a range of materials to suit any water filtration application. Browse industrial filter bags from Filtra-Systems!

Magne-Tight Magnetic Separator

Our Magne-Tight Magnetic Separator removes fine metal particles from machine tool coolant liquids. Contact us to learn more about this magnetic water filter.

Industrial Cartridge Filter Housings

At Filtra-Systems, we design industrial cartridge filter housings to meet the specific needs of any relevant industry. Browse our housing products today!

Precoat Dome Filter

Hydromation pre-coat filtration systems remove solids from industrial liquids down to 1/2 micron. Find out more about this dome filter online at Filtra-Systems!

Hydro-Lift Pump

The Hydro-Lift Pump is an effective pumping solution for clients with low machine discharges. Buy this item for any system with a 250-2500 gpm flow rate!

Filter Supply & Return Piping

Here at Filtra-Systems, we have years of experience designing the optimum piping systems for each client. Learn more about services and call us today!

Perma-Flow Drum Filters

Perma-Flow offers strainer-type separation with a unique pressurized incremental backwash system and scraper for positive cake removal. Learn more here!

CNC Machine Pumpback

Our pumpstations are custom designed for each client, and are fully assembled, wired, and tested before shipment. Read about our CNC Machine Pumpback here!

CNC Machine Base Trench

We custom design and engineer trench machines to work with each clients overall processes. Read about one project example and contact us today to learn more!

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