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Verti-Press Mining Filter


mining and chemical industrial filtration systems

A diverse group of companies in the chemical, mining, and industrial minerals industries repeatedly seek Filtra-Systems' industrial filtration technology.  Offering solid/liquid separation, industrial water filters, and automatic pressure filters, we are proud to offer premier solutions honed by over three decades of experience to customers throughout the world.

automatic pressure filters

With over thirty-five patents and a continued investment in research and development, Filtra-Systems' established position as a filtration leader is well deserved.  Our patented Verti-Press automatic pressure filter includes technology that other pressure filters do not.  The Verti-Press helps customers become more efficient by simplifying processes, increasing production, improving product quality, reducing energy consumption, and reducing their labor requirements.  The fully automatic dewatering pressure filters are used to separate solid products from slurry, wash the product to remove impurities, and then dry and automatically discharge the product.  All of these advantages add up to a system that helps our customers save money and improve the quality of their product.


customized filtration solutions

Because we have worked with such a diverse group of clients in the mining and chemical industries, we understand that every organization has specific needs that require custom engineered filtration solutions.  Our patented STiR industrial water and wastewater filter is used to purify process water for recycling and wastewater for discharge in many applications.  Filtra-Systems' pressure and industrial water filters and filter system technologies are specifically tailored to suit your particular application.  We accomplish this by leveraging our technical expertise, experience, and testing equipment to optimize the operation of our filter technology within each customer's process.

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For more information about how our patented technology can help your organization and its industrial water filtration needs, click below on our various Products or Featured Projects.  You can also call us directly, or contact us via our website.  We look forward to helping your company accomplish its goals!


Verti-Press Automatic Filter Press

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STiR Industrial Water Filter

Filtra-Systems STiR Industrial Water Filter Efficiently Removes Suspended Solids & Oils From Industrial Water. Call To Learn More Today!

Bag Filter Housings

Filtra-Systems provides Bag Filter Housings and Industrial Bag Filters to a wide range of industries. Call us today at 248-919-6119!

Walnut Shell Media Filter

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Industrial Cartridge Filter Housings

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