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Industries: Oil & Gas Filtration


Oil & Gas filtration

Filtra-Systems is proud and humbled to have supplied engineered to order industrial filtration and separation systems to a global customer base since 1979. We have provided filtration products to the oil and gas industries since our inception including:

  • Walnut Shell Filters - Pressure Vessels
  • Walnut Shell Filters - API Tank Separators
  • Bag Filter Systems
  • And Many Other Filtrations Systems

These oil filtration systems are used in a variety of points in the production process, including in steam flood fields, SAGD facilities, offshore production wells, and frac water flowback and disposal.

The intimate knowledge about gas filtration in the oil industry we possess stems from the fact we have been designing and manufacturing our products for almost 40 years.

In addition to four decades worth of real-world feedback from clients around the world, our engineers are able to have important conversations with our manufacturing team, which results in the best oil and gas filtration products on the market.

Not sure what type of filter housing or media is best for your operations? Our team of experienced applications engineers can review your process and make an informed recommendation to guide you.

Call us directly at (248)-427-9090 or email us at info@filtrasystems.com to share your processes or ask about our oil and gas filtration products. 

Contact us today to get more details about our industrial oil filtration systems!


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