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Exploring The Benefits Of Walnut Shell Media Filters

Here at Filtra-Systems, we seek to overcome the limits of regular bed type industrial water filters. In doing so, we leverage a maximum efficiency design for bed regeneration, which is utilized in both the STiR Walnut Shell Filter and Hydromation Deep Bed Filter. The design, construction, and application of these walnut shell filters are a direct result of our company’s attention to customer feedback throughout over thirty years of operation. The Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is now used in hundreds of applications worldwide, in a variety of settings. This post will explain why industries should consider gravitating toward these walnut shell filters.

A Truly Unique System

Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are unique in that their media scrubbing cycle wholly regenerates the filter media during every backwash cycle, through a process that is automatically initiated. This occurs in cases when the filter bed becomes laden with contaminants. The backwash is signaled by an automatic preset time notification or when an increase in filter bed pressure differential is observed.

A Leader In The Chemical And Mining Filtration Fields

Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are field leaders in the mining and chemical industries. These walnut shell filters are deep bed, downflow media filters that are made for oily industrial water filtration. The way that these systems work is as follows:

  • Liquid passes through the media bed
  • All oil and solids are effectively trapped in the bed
  • These oils and solids can easily be backwashed away from the media bed through Filtra-Systems patented rotating media scrubber design
  • Chemicals, surfactants, and air sparging cycles are unnecessary for the backwash to function properly

The Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is a demonstration of the best available technology when it comes to backwashing the media bed. The design of the backwash assembly also allows for the building of large horizontal units that can treat extremely high flow rates.


Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are normally applied to eliminate insoluble hydrocarbons and suspended solids from oily wastewater, plant process water, cooling water, and groundwater in low to high water volume filtration applications. Additionally, these walnut shell filters remove and treat oily residues, suspended solids, and metal hydroxides from industrial water in power generation, chemical, petrochemical, and metalworking applications. Also, Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters offer industries the removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons by increasing the throughput efficiency of conventional grade mixed-media or sand filters.

Customized To Customer Needs

In addition to all of its standard benefits, the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is entirely customized to customer needs. Regardless of specific on-site requirements, Filtra-Systems provides all clients with the optimal size of filter unit. The Filtra-System support system is also optimally set up, with lab analysis, engineering, installation, and customer support available worldwide.

If you don’t have any experience with walnut shell filtration, contact Filtra-Systems for more information on the benefits of the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter.

Why You Should Choose The Verti-Press

By far one of Filtra-Systems’ most highly touted products, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press is ideal for the dewatering needs of several chemical and industrial mineral companies. Some of the heavy industry companies that use this dewatering filtration system are Kodak and Dofasco. The Verti-Press’ signature characteristic is its vertically stacked columns, allowing for a minimal footprint. Sacrificing footprint does not mean cutting quality, as the Verti-Press produces dry and impressively solid cakes as well as a high wash efficiency.


The Verti-Press features a stacked design that, while simple, will allow companies to use their plant’s vertical space for their operational needs. Tower filter presses take up far less horizontal space than traditional filter presses, meaning that there is more effective plant area. A manufacturing or processing plant inherently comes with a lot of moving parts, both mechanical and human. The implementation of vertical filtration systems such as the Verti-Press can potentially be a key practice for employers looking to minimize safety risks in the workplace.


There are only a small number of moving parts belonging to the Verti-Press, which means that company leaders can save a considerable amount of money on energy and maintenance costs. On top of all that, the individual chambers found in the Verti-Press can easily be isolated, which allows for routine maintenance to be scheduled entirely at the manager’s convenience.


Using a diaphragm, the Verti-Press squeezes the liquid mechanically from solid cakes. Once all of the liquid is pressed out, the remaining dry cakes potentially contain up to 94% solids. Depending on the processing or manufacturing plant in question, a specified dryness might be needed for optimal processes. This is an operational system that allows plants to meet a myriad of requirements at all times.


Through its operation, which combines full automation with high-speed cycling, the Verti-Press Tower Filter Press emerges with an extremely high solids output. Thanks to its design, the Verti-Press can maximize efficiency in manufacturing plants by running a dewatering cycle as low as five minutes.

Already known for delivering exemplary products such as the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter, Filtra-Systems is proud to offer the Verti-Press as a versatile, reliable solution for companies that need an efficient way to wash and dewater slurries. If minimizing footprint and workplace safety risks without compromising yield is a priority, then the Verti-Press would seem like the very best option to commit to. The helpful support staff at Filtra-Systems are ready to provide aid to all inquirers. Filtra-Systems has proven time and again how possible it is to find a cost-effective solution for any company looking to drastically improve their operational efficiency.

Central Machine Tool Coolant Filtration Systems Customized For Your Applications

As a world leader in industrial filtration systems, Filtra-Systems has collaborated with a number of customers during a business run that exceeds 30 years. When it comes to coolant filtration systems  meant for industrial use, there aren’t many more relevant options than Filtra-Systems. By designing and customizing filtration systems over the years, Filtra-Systems has acquired the type of experience that all industrial leaders should gravitate towards when it comes to their coolant filtration needs. Filtra-Systems offers various types of coolant filters, each meant to fit the specific needs of the customer in question. Some of these options include pressure, vacuum, and magnetic filters. Filtra-Systems central machine tool coolant filtration systems are built to offer complete central coolant filtration systems and coolant filters which operate at the required temperature, flow rate, pressure, and clarity.


Traditionally, central coolant filtration systems were placed below the level of the plant floor, in galleries or pits. Back in those days, floor trenches were used to transfer the dirty coolant from the machine tool to the coolant filter, which by necessity was located in a pit, under the sloping trench’s end.


These days, the large majority of central filtration installations are carried out right on the plant floor. This installation method does away with the trench; the pit must also be lined and officially deemed a confined space. In cases where a central coolant filtration system is located on the plant floor, managers have the option to arrange operations based on current needs.


In almost all cases, the design of a central coolant filtration system is entirely dependent on a series of customer specifications, which include the following:

  • Chip Load
  • Pressure
  • Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Clarity Requirements
  • Preference for In Floor or Above Floor Design
  • Preference for Vacuum or Pressure Filters
  • Preference for Permanent Media or Disposable Filters
  • Component Specifications

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind about Filtra-Systems’ central machine tool coolant filtration systems is that they are entirely customizable. No two coolant filter applications are designed the same; each is built to suit a customer’s specific needs. With thirty patented products designed and built over more than 30 years of business operations, Filtra-Systems understands the myriad needs that come with coolant filtration, and we manufacture our products accordingly.

Recycling Waste Water With Industrial Water Filtration

Aside from proactively contributing to a greener company and environment, industrial water filtration can actually help your business be more efficient as well. Recycling wastewater helps to continually lower costs, which allows you to focus your efforts on the more important areas of your company. When you invest in an industrial water filtration system, you not only invest in your financial well-being, but also in your overall efficiency and quality.

Industrial wastewater treatments remove suspended solids, oils and other contaminants so only clean, reusable water is used. Filtra-Systems can provide filtration equipment so that the quality of your water and the way you remove waste meets the requirements of your industry. Recycling wastewater also ensures that heavy manufacturing plants will continue to produce enough water volume for productivity, while reducing costs associated with purchasing fresh water.

High-quality industrial water filtration systems from Filtra-Systems are an asset that can make a huge difference in productivity for your company. Our technologies introduce new ways to purify water for industrial facilities across the country. Water filters can reduce disposal costs and allow for reuse of process water. Many other cost benefits can be achieved through the implementation of a filter system.

Filtra-Systems provides filtration systems that allow for efficient usage of water in your industry. Each filter is custom-designed to remove specific contaminants to suit your company’s operational needs. Cartridge filters, filter presses, bag filters, and walnut shell filters are some important filter options, and each solution is truly customizable.

Contact a Filtra-Systems professional to discuss the options for recycling wastewater for your needs. Our team will make it easy for you to find a cost effective industrial water filtration solution.

An Overview Of Coolant Filtration Methods

Filtra-Systems has a position as a world leader in industrial filtration systems. This means that we have worked with thousands of customers to create custom filtration systems for their specific needs. Our variety in experience allows us to understand that solutions look different depending on the type of application that is in place.

This is precisely why we offer a variety of coolant filtration systems to fit the needs of our customers, including vacuum, pressure, gravity, magnetic, and bag filters. Our central machine tool coolant filtration systems are designed to provide coolant filters and complete central coolant filtration systems that perform at the optimum pressure, flow rate, temperature, and clarity that is required for each individual operation.

As a worldwide leader in the custom engineered industrial water and coolant filtration system industry, Filtra-Systems has installed over 16,000 filtration systems around the world since we originated in 1979. Filtra-Systems’ industrial water purification methods have been proven time and again thanks to our skilled team of engineers and designers. We design each of our new CNC machine tool coolant filters to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We partner with our customers from the initial stages of testing and design through the engineering phase, all the way to the installation and continuing maintenance and service.

We are proud of our quality products and strive to make your company as successful and satisfied by our products as all of our current customers. Research and development is a huge focus at Filtra-Systems.

Contact us today to learn about how we can help provide you with a safe, reliable, and efficient system for your specific needs.

Resource Extraction With Advanced Filter Presses

Filtra-Systems produces the most advanced filter presses in the world. Variety is the key word. We understand that each application for filter presses is unique and for this reason we offer a variety of sizes in order to meet the needs of any organization. Our automatic filter presses can easily replace a more traditional plate and frame filer. A number of companies have been able to increase their efficiency by using one of our automatic filter presses.

Our Verti-Press filter presses are comprised of a series of vertically stacked chambers that can each be isolated. The Verti-Press filter provides the capability for higher production volumes, and chamber isolation ensures that your organization has flexibility in the event that maintenance needs to be performed. Additionally, Filtra-Systems has pilot filters available, allowing for bench scale testing of our innovative vertical tower filter press.

Filtra-Systems has a long history of working with several different businesses in a variety of industries. We have been able to reduce not just initial costs for our customers through a combination of new enclosed chamber design and larger machine sizes, but also been able to make it more efficient to operate our Verti-Press filter. Potential chemical exposure issues are minimized by a new chamber design, reducing operator exposure to the process.

When you need either the highest wash efficiency for your filter cake or you need your filter presses to provide high cake solids while reducing daily maintenance and increasing reliability, Verti-Press filter presses are a secure investment for your process.

If you want to know more about our Verti-Press vertical tower filter press technology or any of our other filtration solutions, contact us today.

Superior Alternatives To Traditional Sand Filters

In the 40 years of experience that Filtra-Systems has in the industrial water filtration industry, we have provided solutions for a wide variety of types of projects. Our company values your success and understands the detailed processes associated with sand filters. We provide solutions to several different industries that have varying levels of filtration needs while working to conserve energy and water usage. Our walnut shell filters are an excellent replacement technology for sand filters. If you understand the advantages of this equipment, and how your company can benefit from this technology, you will be in a hurry to find a new solution that works for your company.

A number of problems are associated with traditional sand filters, which can lead to inefficiency and overall headache within your process. As an example, when oil or sticky solids (such as metal hydroxides) are introduced into the filter, it will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and very difficult to clean. This will result in an extended backwash cycle, increased treatment and disposal costs, and possibly water that does not meet clarity requirements. A sand filter bed needs to be replaced every few years to alleviate these concerns. Replacement technology for sand filters can provide a solution that you can count on for your operation. Walnut shell filters help your company meet its goals by achieving lower backwash volumes and eliminating the cost of replacing the bed.

Finding replacement technology for sand filters that works for you can result in numerous benefits to your operation. Walnut shell media can be an effective solution for effective oil-based contaminant removal. Our technology can help improve water quality, cut operating costs, and improve your process.

Contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more about the STiR!

Choosing The Right Medium For Your Filtration Needs

There are a variety of options when choosing industrial filtration systems. Different implementations are designed to suit particular needs of each industry and each user individually. Filter presses, walnut shell filters, cartridge filters and bag filters are all excellent in their respective uses. Here is a quick guide to deciding the direction that you need to look when deciding on industrial filtration systems.

Filter presses are designed to remove water from the solids, where typically industrial water treatment equipment is made to do just the opposite. Filter presses are ideal for any filtration application where a substantial amount of material needs to be removed so that the more conventional filtration method can then be applied. A filter press operates by using pressurized air or a water-filled diaphragm on a slurry mixture which pushes out the water. The remaining “filter cake” is then either disposed of, or further processed.

A bed filter uses a bed of filter material to remove contaminants. Material is gathered through the bed by taking a tortuous path, allowing large amounts of material to be collected before the filter plugs. A backwash cycle initiated once the medium is saturated with contaminants. The bed is fluidized, and waste is removed. The reuse of the filtration medium significantly decreases waste associated with the process.

Another option for your industrial filtration systems are cartridge filters. These are disposable and replaceable self-contained filtration units. They are made of a central perforated core that is wrapped in layers of filtration material. Inlet water is pumped through the filter core and passes through the walls of the filter. The contaminants are filtered through the depth of the filter cartridge. These are typically used in applications where high purity water is absolutely required. There is a wide range of treatment solutions available, and we can help you find the right fit for your particular need.

Get in contact with one of our filtration experts, and we can help find the right solution for you.

3 Key Benefits Of A Custom Filtration Solution

Like many others, your company’s success most likely hinges on efficiency and work quality. Making the right choices with your industrial water filters is one of the best ways to ensure that your company is running smoothly. For engineering and manufacturing plants, this means having an effective and affordable industrial water filter to remove the waste. The reason that Filtra-Systems can provide so many benefits to your business is that we understand that many benefits are unique.

The reason that many stand out in the market is the ability to provide something different. Quality is undoubtedly a primary concern, but not very company approaches quality in the same form or fashion. Therefore, we provide customizable solutions that will fit your needs and eliminate waste in the way that suits your company best. Our selection of custom-engineered industrial water filters provides responsible answers to companies that seek to improve the long-term success of their company.

In a general application system, water filtration may only process wastewater at a certain volume, or flow rate. Industrial water filters can be designed to effectively remove solids, oils, and other contaminants. We understand that every manufacturing plant may have different needs and we take care to assess each plant’s water in order to apply the most appropriate industrial water filters for your needs.

Industrial water filters can be made specifically for your plant and application. From caster oil filtration to aluminum production, a water filter can help your company be as efficient as possible. When you turn to Filtra-Systems to install a custom-integrated industrial water filtration system for your company, you’ll be investing in your long-term success.

To learn more about our products or how our products work, feel free to contact us!

Reducing Costs With Industrial Water Filtration

One of the ways that a Filtra-Systems industrial water filter can benefit your business is by reducing operating costs. Our wastewater filters offer many benefits that will not only improve your process but also keep your budget intact. When wastewater is filtered, it not only can reduce costs for the company, but it can be reused and therefore less water must be introduced to the system. Water continues to be a limited resource, and costs for clean water can be very high.

Recirculating wastewater without proper cleaning is never recommended. Typically a bag filter, cartridge filter, or walnut shell filter is used. Depending on what is in the wastewater, an industrial water filter can be designed to remove more or fewer solids. In a case where the wastewater has a large amount of solid material in it, a clarifier or centrifuge may be the most effective first step. The last step of the industrial water filtration process can be the implementation of reverse osmosis, to remove all dissolved material from the water. By managing your wastewater and reusing it in a contaminant free method, businesses can operate without having to worry about the increasing costs of fresh water.

Contact a Filtra-Systems expert today to ask about how a STiR Industrial Water Filter can work for you today.