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The Utility Of Bag And Cartridge Filters

At Filtra-Systems, our role in providing innovative filtration solutions is unique in the market. Our dedication and expertise extends to the use of industrial bag filters in a wide range of industries. Bag filters remove solids from wastewater in a number of applications. The bag filter is placed within the bag filter housing and can be used in the treatment of industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater, and cooling water. Filtra-Systems stands out by providing industrial bag filters that are both effective and meet the operational needs of each of our customers.

The brewing industry uses bag filters to separate grains from sugars, remove proteins that can slow the fermentation process, and remove any unwanted solids prior to bottling. They also use bags to remove any contaminants from their source water. This means different bags are needed, as the tighter bags used towards the end of the process can have adverse effects if used in the early stages. Other applications bag filters can be used for include the mining and chemical industries.

In these industries, bag filters must be stainless steel and frequently carry an ASME stamp. Filtering wastewater for reuse means having the capacity to eliminate all types and sizes of contaminants to meet regulations and ensure safety. Depending on the type and size of particles that are in the water, different industrial bag filters may be used for the job.

An industrial cartridge filter is preferred when there are low levels of contamination, and fine particles need to be removed. Most water purification processes choose industrial cartridge filters as the final step in the water purification process. The design and materials in an industrial cartridge filter determines how effective it will be to separate particulate from liquid. There are many industrial filters in the market. At Filtra-Systems, we make the process of finding the most appropriate solution for your company a simple process.

Our carefully engineered and designed filters offer flexibility for any industrial filtration system regardless of size, media, or required characteristics. Filtra-Systems has worked across a broad range of industries to provide them with the industrial bag filters and cartridge filters needed for different applications.

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Replace Sand Filters With The STiR Filtration System

Filtra-Systems has over 30 years of experience in providing quality solutions for various industrial water filtration needs. Our company realizes that there are a variety of different sand filters, including slow and rapid filtration options. It is a detailed process, and you need to know the best option for your specific industry. Filtra-Systems’ progressive approach to industrial water filtration systems has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in an industry where more efficient technology directly relates to more money in your pocket and a more hassle-free industrial water filtration process. Using walnut shell filters as replacement technology for a sand filter is an important option that is becoming more popular across a variety of industries. It comes down to understanding the advantages and how your company or industry can make the most of this technology. Learn more about the details of the STiR filter here.

Filtra-Systems has identified a number of issues with sand filters. Our company understands issues related to sand filtration and how they can contribute to inefficiency within water based processes. For example, when oil comes in contact with a sand filter it will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and is very difficult to clean, even in extended backwash cycles. These conditions contribute to increased treatment and disposal costs and potentially water that is not properly cleaned. Sand filter beds need to be replaced every few years. Filtra-Systems provides replacement technology for a sand filter that will revolutionize our industrial water filtration systems. Walnut shell filters can help your company reduce the cost of replacing the bed and by achieving low backwash volumes.

Updating your existing sand filters to walnut shell filters can benefit your company in many ways. By removing oil-based contaminants efficiently can prevent frequent issues that a typical sand filter, such as “mudballed” portions of the bed. Our technology can help improve water usage, cut operating costs, and improve the flow of water. Solutions offered as a replacement technology for a sand filter are patented and incorporated through detailed cycles, with a limited use of chemical compounds. The STiR Walnut Shell Filter overcomes the limits of sand filters in several important ways, such as higher particle removal efficiencies, especially of oils and greases. The walnut shell media in the STiR never needs to be replaced, while sand filter beds need to be replaced every 3-5 years (or sooner, when exposed to oil).

More information on replacing sand filters with STiR filters can be found here. Contact a Filtra-Systems professional today to ask about how you can take advantage of STiR technology.

How A Custom Coolant Filtration System Can Improve Operating Efficiency

Filtra-Systems realizes that every coolant filter application will be different depending on the customer. Our industry experience and broad clientele have allowed us to work with a variety of customers to deliver custom, optimized coolant filtration solutions that are easily implemented. Our breadth of experience has built our company into what it is today and we provide the broadest line of equipment in the industry. We handle applications from 50 gpm to 5,000 gpm, so you can be certain we will find a solution for your needs.

An efficient coolant filtration system can make a big impact on how efficient your operation will be. A custom coolant filtration system provides an effective solution that is easily integrated. Filtra-Systems offers state of the art technology and a wide range of equipment. Our custom made systems are designed by some of the most experienced team members in the industry. We strive to meet our customer’s needs through a central system design that is both unique and efficient. Our coolant filtration systems supply the tool with the correct fluid pressure, coolant concentration, and at the necessary temperature at all times. All metal fines are removed at one location so there is no need to operate and maintain multiple coolant filters. Operating and maintenance costs are reduced and the quality of the product is greatly enhanced.

A coolant filtration system that is made specifically for your needs can help to increase the life of both water and oil based coolants. This keeps the system cleaner longer and results in a healthy and long-lasting system. In order for customers to eliminate concerns related to certain applications, custom solutions are made based on the needs and regulations of the specific industry. Magnetic, vacuum, and pressure filters a re a few of the coolant filtration system options that Filtra-Systems uses to keep your central filtration system as efficient as possible.

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Choosing The Right Filtration System For Your Flow Requirements

Finding the proper industrial water filtration system for your needs can be challenging, to say the least. There are a lot of factors that someone has to consider when investigating the options in their industry. Luckily, Filtra-Systems has over 30 years of experience and some of the most well-versed professionals to assist you and make the process easier. Some of the determining factors will be the liquid flow rate, the size of expected contaminants, the hardness or pH of the expected operating environment, and the intended use of the filtered water.

There are many options available, and with the help of a Filtra-Systems professional, you can find the best industrial water filtration equipment for your needs. Desired flow rate is extremely important when choosing a filtration option. Cartridge filters, bag filters and walnut shell filters are all sized differently. The liquid flow rate can have a large on the size of the filter. It is important to have an idea of how much fluid you will need to pass through your industrial water filter to meet your production needs.

Some questions may arise when choosing between a single bag filter or a multi-bag filter. A multi-bag filtration system will most commonly be used in higher flow rate applications, and can contribute to increasing the time between bag changes. The FSSB multi-bag filter housing is available for flow rates up to 1200 gpm, and FSQC housings can process flow rates as high as 2300 gpm. A low profile provides easy access, and spring balanced lids can be opened with just one hand. A single-bag filter option is typically used for lower flow rates.

Of course, every application is unique and we want to make sure you find the exact solution that you are looking for, so reach out to a Filtra-Systems professional and ask all the questions you have to find your industrial water filtration solution.

Is An Automatic Filter Press The Right Solution For Your Company?

Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced automatic filter press available. The opportunities that automated filter presses provide can change the way you do business. Every company needs more time in the day. A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled and the time that was previously invested in manually scraping plates is eliminated. The vertically stacked chambers give flexibility and improve efficiency and are key to improving cake quality. Like every company, you want to increase the quality of your production process. Human error can have a significant impact when maintaining a manual pressure filter. An automatic pressure filter significantly reduces the potential for error in operations. As a result, automation results in a safer and more cost-efficient process.

Fortunately for business owners, Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced dewatering tower press on the market. We offer different sizes to match your organization’s needs. Our automatic filter press was designed to meet the needs of a number of industrial processes in the modern world. Our automatic filter press is commonly an improvement over conventional plate and frame filter technology.

The Verti-Press utilizes stacked chambers that each can be isolated for individual use. The individual operation is key because it allows a higher level of equipment availability and provides flexibility needed when arranging for maintenance tasks. We have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries and re in tune with our client’s needs. We have been able to lower both initial and operating costs by combining new larger machine sizes with a new enclosed chamber design.

We have a number of pilot filters which provide bench scale testing of the Verti-Press to make sure it is the right fit for you needs. Contact us today to learn about how our Verti-Press technology can work for you.


Reduce Operating Costs With Removable Bag Filtration Systems

Bag filters have been used as an industrial water filtration solution in many applications such as cooling tower water, injection water, biodiesel production, coolant filtration, remediation sites, and RO protection. Depending on your needs a Filtra-Systems professional can assist you, and help you find the right bag filter and bag filter housing in order to optimize water cleanliness. Bag filters and bag filter housings are able to remove solid waste materials from wastewater in an effective and eco-friendly manner. Bag filters are an easy and efficient option because they are low-cost and easy to use. Filtra-Systems takes pride in our bag filter housings and we use our own bag filters in our other filtration systems, which gives us both the technical and commercial experience to identify what filtration solution will be best for your needs.

Regardless of your industry and why you need to clean your water, bag filters can be used to solve your problems. In the brewing industry, bag filters are used to clean water at the start of the process. They also remove proteins from slowing the fermentation process and any unwanted solids prior to bottling. The brewing process requires different bags, as tighter bags are used towards the end of the process to remove the fine particulate. In the mining and chemical industry, bag filters are used to filter particulate. They are usually stainless steel, and frequently carry an ASME stamp. The food and beverage production industry takes advantage of industrial bag filters because of the low cost and outstanding reliability. To remove contaminants from water, bag filters are used along with other purification methods. It is clear that bag filter and filter housing options from Filtra-Systems can be a solution to a variety of needs.

What Type Of Water Treatment System Is Right For Your Processing Needs?

An outdated industrial water filtration system can be a major source of inefficiency in an operation. Using an aged water filter can directly affect your pocketbook. The good news is that Filtra-Systems has a large variety of options that will help your company save on operating expenses, energy, repairs and general maintenance. Filtra-Systems industrial bag filters and cartridge filters are utilized in a number of industries to separate solid particulate from liquids as they pass through filter media. The type of industrial filtration system that you choose depends on your specific needs. The two main factors are the amount and size of particulate that needs to be removed. It is important to identify the industrial filtration system that most appropriately fits your specific needs. Whether you choose a bag filter, cartridge filters, or walnut shell filter, the decision should be aimed towards your goals. Contact a Filtra-Systems professional to help determine your needs when choosing a filtration solution.

Bag filters are used to remove solids from liquid. As the liquid flows from the inside of the bag to the outside, particulate is caught in the bag. An industrial cartridge filter is another option that is preferred when there are very low levels of contamination and fine particles need to be removed. In many instances, a cartridge filter is used as a final purification step.

Filtra-Systems engineers products to maximize efficiency by providing high-quality products that are tested to last the test of time. It is important to keep in mind the benefits of a high-quality product versus a cheaper alternative. The successful companies that have invested in a Filtra-Systems product have recognized that a quality filtration system saves money in the long run. The commitment to continued growth and efficiency is what allows Filtra-Systems to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting edge technology to companies that will continue to be successful for years to come.

Preventing Ferrous Material Buildup In Coolant

Ferrous material buildup can be a concern because it can have a negative effect on both the coolant filtration systems and also the quality of products that are produced. Ferrous buildup can seriously damage cutting tools and have a negative effect on the cleanliness and quality of finished parts. Bag filter systems can help eliminate this unwanted material within your operations, and many companies across various industries are taking steps to mitigate these problems. Additionally, Filtra-Systems magnetic inserts are beneficial to companies that use bag filters in their operations.

These magnetic inserts increase the lifespan of bag filters and also increase effectiveness by preventing the buildup of ferrous material. Typically a bag filter system removes material from the coolant by the bag alone. Bags, however, have a limit to the size of the particles they can remove. Bags that are sized too tightly will have a negative effect by removing coolant additives in addition to the intended waste. This will also cause them to prematurely blind, increasing the necessary budget for bags. Magnetic bars are much more effective in this regard as they are able to remove sub-micron magnetic particles that would otherwise pass through the pores of the bag, and limit the overall mass of particulate that even reaches the bag. Flux should be low so that the fluid has the greatest possible contact time with the magnets. The bag filter system should always operate with a laminar flow in order to maximize fluid contact time with the magnetic bar.

Filtra-Systems bag filter systems that don’t use magnetic bars rely strictly on the bag to filter out ferrous material. Therefore, bags have to be replaced by workers when they have reached the end of their useful life. Magnetic inserts increase the longevity of the bags by removing particulate before it even contacts the bag. Since the bags are removing less material (because it is being captured by the magnets), they last longer and their lifespan is dramatically increased. Contact one of our professionals today to get started! We have over 30 years of experience that we would love to share with you as you search for the right product.

Selecting The Right Bag Filter Media

When it comes to selecting the right bag and cartridge filter media, there are a few options to fit your needs. Nylon bags are mostly used to filter solvent, and in other applications where porous filters are needed. Nylon monofilament mesh filter bags are welded with nylon monofilament plain weave fabric. This nylon mesh filter material provides a fixed aperture and constant filtration efficiency. There are a variety of pore sizes available, between 100 and 425 micron.

If you are looking for extraordinary adsorption properties for organic chemical compounds, activated carbon filter bags would be your best bet. Typically, these bag and cartridge filters are used for removal of trace amounts of organics, color, or odors from hazardous waste water streams.

The most economical filter material are the needle felt filter bags. They are made from the most cost effective disposable filter material available. These are often used for low and medium viscosity liquids. There is a wide variety of filter ratings available, and materials offered are polypropylene and polyester.

If you need to remove oil and other impurities from water or wastewater in industrial applications, our high-efficiency oil absorption filter bags may be for you. They are made from melt-blown polypropylene fiber, which has a large oil-absorbing filter area, and excellent absorption capability. Additionally, it is acid proof, alkaline proof, and resistant to tearing. These efficient oil bag filters have multiple layers, which gives them over 90% removal efficiency, and a high oil holding capacity.

Using A Hot Oil Treatment Filter

One example of a modular system that Filtra-Systems uses is the hot oil treatment system. In order to filter various transmission oils to industry specific grades (such as ISO 15/13), Filtra-Systems uses a Packaged Transmission Oil Test Stand. Specific requirements for flow, temperature, pressure and cleanliness have to be met and these packaged oil treatment systems are designed for that purpose. They are used at world class manufacturing facilities, and allow for testing of oil fed into transmission systems to meet very strict requirements. They are fully automated systems and ready to be installed upon delivery.

Filtra-Systems hot oil treatment systems provide a number of advantages. For example, the fluid cleanliness levels always meet our customers specs. The oil is superior to new oil straight from the manufacturer. Our system is fully compatible with single or multiple test stations. The modular design allows the system to be easily assembled for plug and play operation. Modular units allow the customer the flexibility to use a filtration system in any way they deem necessary.