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Remove Contaminants with Filtra-Systems’ Waste Water Filters

Filtra-Systems has been providing water filtration solutions on a global level for the last three decades. We know our way around waste water filters, thanks to our experience in designing, installing, and then maintaining filtration systems. We have been providing industrial bag filters for our customers for just as long, as well. Filtra-Systems knows how to design a filtration system that operates smoothly and provides optimal filtration for our customers, without the need for excessive maintenance. By utilizing advanced technologies, Filtra-Systems keeps industrial water systems functioning at peak efficiency.

Waste Water Filters For All Industries

We take our role of providing innovative filtration solutions seriously, which is why Filtra-Systems is constantly designing new types of waste water filters that operate in ways the industry has never seen before. This includes our patented STiR filtration technology, which is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media every single backwash cycle. The waste water filters we have developed incorporate the use of crushed black walnut shell as a filter media, a very resilient material that can be sustainably sourced, and is also much more efficient at removing particulate when compared to anthracite or carbon filters.

Industrial Bag Filters of All Types and Needs

Of course, no waste water filtration system is complete without the proper industrial bag filters installed as a final protection. Here at Filtra-Systems, we know that any high performance waste water filter needs to be paired together with the perfect industrial bag filters to get the most out of your filtration system, and that’s why we offer a large array of filters to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our bag filter choices include oil absorption, nylon monofilament mesh, activated carbon, and needle felt filter bags. These filters are durable enough to withstand a large range of operational temperatures, from near freezing to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want more information about our industrial bag filters and our waste water filtration solutions in general? Contact Filtra-Systems today to have all your questions answered.

Verti-Press Filter, The Next Generation of Automatic Pressure Filter Technology

Filtra-Systems has been a constant innovator in the filtration industry. Our filter presses are as technologically advanced as they come – and our flagship filter press is our Verti-Press automatic pressure filter. Gone are the times when companies need to rely on traditional plate and frame filters, and a large number of our clients have been able to harness the technological advancements of Verti-Press filter presses to operate their processes more safely and efficiently.

The Innovation of the Verti-Press Automatic Pressure Filter

Incorporating a design that makes use of a series of vertically stacked chambers, Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press filter presses are a welcome innovation for any organization that needs to dewater a chemical or mineral product. Each one of the chambers of the Verti-Press can be isolated from the process of generating filter cakes from slurry in order to keep maintenance cycles efficient and flexible. Filtra-Systems also has a wide variety of pilot filters to offer as well, which can provide filter press bench scale test opportunities lacking in other systems.

The Result of Listening to our Clients

Filtra-Systems has three decades of experience when it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial water filters, and a large part of that is a result of truly listening to our clients’ needs. Filtra-Systems is dedicated to the design of new efficient and cost-effective methods to wash and dewater slurries, and that has led to the development of larger filter presses featuring enclosed chambers – to both boost performance and minimize costs. The biggest benefit lies in eliminating plant exposure to the slurry. This also provides higher levels of operational safety as well, proving that Filtra-Systems has your organization covered for your dewatering needs.

Interested in learning even more about how Filtra-Systems can provide you with an innovative Verti-Press automatic pressure filter? Want to learn more about our many other custom-designed filtration options? Contact us today to have any and all of your questions answered!

Are Your Waste Water Filters Providing Optimal Filtration

Filtra-Systems has been one of the premier water filtration solution providers in the world over the past three decades. We know waste water filters, as we’ve been designing, installing, and maintaining them for a very long time – and we also provide bag and cartridge filters as well. We know how to provide our customers with optimal filtration through a smoothly-operating filtration system that requires little maintenance, and we employ only the most advanced technologies to ensure that your organization has the waste water filter system, and the bag and cartridge filters that enable the system to run, to meet your industrial needs.

Waste Water Filter Solutions for Companies Large and Small

Filtra-Systems takes its role seriously – that’s why we are constantly designing and innovating cutting-edge filtration systems. We hold several patents, including ones for our STiR technology, a system that provides exceptional levels of filter media cleansing from the first backwash cycle to the very last. We also make use of ultra long lasting walnut shell filter media that is adept at separating oil and suspended solids from processed waste water. Not only is walnut shell filter media incredibly durable, it offers better filtration when compared to other substances used as filter media, such as sand.

Bag and Cartridge Filters

Disposable media filters are also available to polish waste water. Filtra-Systems knows that high performance waste water filtration systems need only the best bag and cartridge filters, and we carry a wide variety of filters. We provide ultimate flexibility in filter media. Bag filters are available in medias ranging from nylon, polyester, polypropylene, to activated carbon and oil absorption filter bags, while our cartridge filters are available in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon, all in a variety of different micron ratings. Meanwhile, our bag and cartridge filters can withstand operational temperatures anywhere from near freezing to 338 deg F.

Want to learn even more about our bag and cartridge filters, as well as our waste water filtration solutions? Have your questions answered by contacting Filtra-Systems today.

An Overview of Customized Industrial Water Filtration Products Offered By Filtra-Systems

Filtra-Systems is a world-class provider of waste water filters and industrial water filters to a wide array of industries that rely on water filtration in their daily operation. With more than three decades worth of experience and expertise, we have a variety of proprietary filtration options, including backwashable filters, such as walnut shell media systems that can recycle waste water or filter it to even the strictest of environmental guidelines for disposal.

Ideal Solutions for Waste Water or Industrial Filtration Needs

We have the ideal solution you need for your waste water filter or industrial water filter requirements. Filtra-Systems is capable of providing your organization with custom-designed, turnkey and industry-specific filtration solutions for your company, making use of the most innovative and proven technologies appropriate for your industry.

Filtra-Systems has built its reputation on innovative approaches to industrial water filtration through the research, development and implementation of a series of patented technologies. We take great pride in our ability to create both efficient and cost-effective filtration systems for every scope and need.

Highly Effective and Innovative Technologies

One of Filtra-Systems’ premier systems is its patented STiR technology, which has the capability of cleaning 100% of filter media during backwash cycles. This is much improved over older, less efficient systems that use other filter media, like anthracite, sand or carbon, that cannot completely fluidize during a backwash cycle. Functioning on vacuum pressure, our STiR filters capture contaminants by catching solid material in the tortuous path of the walnut shell media bed. The filter media is thoroughly cleaned by the agitator, which mixes the filter media and any contaminants before pumping all contaminated water through the backwash screen, leaving the filter media behind for further filtration cycles.

Interested in learning more about Filtra-Systems and our patented waste water filters? Contact us today to learn how we can provide you a customized, efficient, and cost-effective way to increase your own filter system’s performance.

How Turnkey Coolant Filtration Systems Can Simplify Your Filtration Process

Filtra-Systems knows filtration, whether it’s providing replacement technology for a sand filter or full coolant filtration systems. Over the last 30 years, we’ve been providing coolant filtration systems for countless clients who have the need to keep their coolant systems clean and operating at peak efficiency.

Turnkey Operation for Ease of Use

Our turnkey chip processing and coolant filtration systems make use of resilient design features that can operate continuously to support any size production machining. We can create the ideal coolant filtration system for your company, as we have built systems for a number of machined products like bearings, gears, crankshafts, camshafts, heads, and engine blocks. It’s thanks to this broad clientele and our extensive experience in the metal cutting industry that we can design, manufacture, and install customized and optimized filters that integrate smoothly into your existing operation. Whether you need filtration for a flow rate of just 5 gallons per minute or as much as 5,000 gpm, Filtra-Systems has you covered.

Have more questions about our turnkey coolant filtration systems, and how these technologies can help your company remain efficient? Contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more.

Filter Presses Save You Money and Increase Efficiency

Filtra-Systems is a major innovator within the filtration industry, and we take our role as an industry leader seriously. We offer technologically superior filter presses to our customers in a large range of sizes – making our industrial filter presses a versatile dewatering solution. Filtra-Systems’ filter presses feature automatic operation that leaves traditional plate and frame filters in the dust. Many of our clients have not only improved their operational efficiency and safety with our filter presses, but also made their filtration processes more cost-effective as well.

Verti-Press – Innovation in a Tower Filter Press

Our Verti-Press filter presses feature an innovative design that uses several vertically stacked chambers. Every one of these chambers can be isolated when turning dewatered slurry into filter cakes, and this makes the Verti-Press filter press an ideal solution for keeping equipment available – your operation will be able to take advantage of more flexible maintenance cycles and higher operational efficiencies. Additionally, Filtra-Systems offers the opportunity for bench-scale testing using our pilot filters.

A History of Continuous Improvement

As a company with 30 years of experience designing and installing industrial water filters, Filtra-Systems has a long track record with providing filtration solutions for a wide variety of businesses. This has taught us to listen to our clients and their needs when it comes to designing newer, more efficient and cost-effective systems. New designs include larger presses with enclosed chambers to keep costs down and to provide better performance, especially when it comes to minimizing chemical exposure and maximizing equipment safety. It’s easy to see how Filtra-Systems’ equipment can help provide high cake solids and the most efficient cake wash on the market.

Want to learn more about Filtra-Systems, and our revolutionary Verti-Press technology? Contact us today. We’ll show you just how we can provide you both efficient and low-cost filtration solutions.

How Bag and Cartridge Filters Reduce Disposal Cost

Filtra-Systems uses some of the most advanced methods and technologies when it comes to implementing bag and cartridge filters as waste water filters in an industrial setting. With more than three decades of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining water filtration systems, we can provide your organization with the most reliable waste water filters. The high efficiencies of our bag and cartridge filters can help minimize your disposal costs.

Our Waste Water Filters Can Help You Save Money

The filtration of water can greatly reduce a company’s waste disposal costs. If suspended solids are removed from water, in many cases in can simply be disposed of to a sewer system. Levels higher than allowed can incur fines, and even necessitate the hauling of water off-site for disposal.

Even further savings can be achieved through the use of pleated bags. In industries where the filter medium is treated as a hazardous waste (i.e. frac water), the minimization of media to be disposed of is paramount. Pleated bags have a much greater surface area than standard bags, yet fit into the same housing. This allows for greater contaminant removal in a single piece of media. Pleated bags can remove up to 10X the contaminants as standard bags.

Bag and Cartridge Filters for a Variety of Projects

However, we do more than simply offer waste water filters. Filtra-Systems carries a wide line of bag and cartridge filters in order to provide the flexibility you need for your industrial water filtration challenges. We stock activated carbon filter bags, oil absorption bags, nylon monfilament mesh, polyester and polypropylene. Our cartridge are available in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon and come in a wide variety of micron sizes. This makes our bag and cartridge filter products ideal for any number of different water filtration systems. Our products can handle a range of operating temperatures, and are designed for operation near-freezing to up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Need more information about our bag and cartridge filter solutions? Don’t delay – give Filtra-Systems a call today and we’ll answer all your questions in order to show you how easy and cost-efficient i can be to keep your water filtration systems running at full capacity.

Water Treatment Solutions: Building Sustainable Systems

In the world of water filtration systems, sustainable water filters were at one time prohibitive to operate and design. However, Filtra-Systems’ innovative approach to building sustainable systems has made adopting a replacement technology for a sand filter both cost-effective as well as efficient. Never before has it been so easy to ensure your industrial water filter system is as “green” as it can be thanks to Filtra-Systems’ STiR filter systems.

The STiR Innovation

Performing as a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR), our STiR technology is a patented process that has been mathematically proven to clean 100% of filter media during a single backwash cycle. The filter media itself is permanent – STiR industrial water filters use black walnut shell media, a media that is resilient, hard, chemically inert, and is a byproduct of the food processing industry. In fact, it isn’t necessary to ever replace the walnut shell media, as the typical life of our media under normal operation is 30-plus years.

More Than Just Sustainable Filter Media

While never having to replace your filter media again is a fine example of how the STiR is an excellent replacement technology for a sand filter, there are even more sustainable benefits to our patented design. Normal operation of our STiR Industrial Water Filter does not need any chemicals in order to operate, and our backwash method likewise requires no additives or surfactants.

The backwash volume generated by our STiR filter is also minuscule. Only one half of one percent of throughput is backwashed, something that none of Filtra-Systems’ competitors can claim. Combined with our high removal efficiency of 95% of suspended solids and 90% of oils and greases at 5 micron, waste is minimized – another way you can ensure your industrial water filter system is as sustainable as it can be. All of these reasons show why the STiR is an excellent replacement technology for a sand filter.

Are you interested in learning more about our line of STiR filters? Contact Filtra-Systems today to have all of your questions regarding how you can increase the sustainability of your water filtration system answered.

Protecting the Environment with Industrial Water Filters

Protecting the environment is one of the most important considerations for engineers, and the hazards of industrial water filtration must be contained by utilizing quality products and innovative systems that also have a positive impact on performance and efficiency. Filtra-Systems develops and ships products that are engineered to meet your needs while simultaneously protecting the environment by reducing pollutants.

Filtra-Systems prides itself on ensuring that our equipment minimizes the risk of exposure to workers and to the environment by creating some of the most reliable products in the industrial water filtration space. Our products include proprietary technologies to provide you with the cleanest water possible, and our products are customizable with current industrial water filtration systems.

Industry-Leading Products

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filters such as the STiR Filter, unmatched among competing technologies. Using our patented fluidization technology, our industrial water filter is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media in the backwash cycle. We have used this filter in systems around the world to protect rivers and other natural watercourses from pollution. Our STiR filter’s dynamic backwashing system minimizes waste volume for added efficiency. Better yet, the STiR Industrial Water Filter is pre-assembled at the factory to lower freight and installation costs.

Protecting the Environment with Efficient Products

The STiR Filter is the perfect example of the engineering standards Filtra-Systems abides by. Compared to older and outdated purification systems, our products set a new standard for efficiency and reliability in the market. For example, the STiR Filter provides more efficient filtration, especially in the removal of oil, than filters that utilize traditional filter media such as sand. This filter can remove 95% of solid material and 90% of oil at 5 micron – all without the use of chemicals.

Learn more about our industrial water filters, including the STiR Filter, by contacting us today!

Advantages of the Verti-Press Over a Plate & Frame Filter Press

Filtra-Systems provides a number of products to improve upon existing systems. The Verti-Press, for example, is the most advanced dewatering filter press on the market. Many companies choose to completely replace their plate & frame filter press with our Verti-Press filter, which has several distinct advantages over the traditional technology.

Maximum Efficiency

The Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press provides improved efficiency over plate & frame filter presses. For example, due to its plug flow wash design, the Verti-Press can wash the product more efficiently and isolate each chamber for individual operation using its innovative chamber design.

Minimized Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure is a safety concern in all industrial processes, and inferior equipment can result in increased exposure through the chemical releases associated with the dewatering process. The chamber design of the Verti-Press minimizes this potential exposure outside of the tower filter press by utilizing a unique water-filled side seal design.

Increase Production Rate

The Verti-Press increases production rate by utilizing an innovative design as well as its increased washing capabilities. These two factors increase the rate of production substantially compared to plate & frame filter presses, which are often inefficient and prone to increased operator attention.

Learn more about how the Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press can replace your plate & frame filter press and how to customize it to your needs by contacting Filtra-Systems. Contact us today to discuss the technical advantages of the Verti-Press!