How A Custom Coolant Filtration System Can Improve Operating Efficiency

Filtra-Systems realizes that every coolant filter application will be different depending on the customer. Our industry experience and broad clientele have allowed us to work with a variety of customers to deliver custom, optimized coolant filtration solutions that are easily implemented. Our breadth of experience has built our company into what it is today and we provide the broadest line of equipment in the industry. We handle applications from 50 gpm to 5,000 gpm, so you can be certain we will find a solution for your needs.

An efficient coolant filtration system can make a big impact on how efficient your operation will be. A custom coolant filtration system provides an effective solution that is easily integrated. Filtra-Systems offers state of the art technology and a wide range of equipment. Our custom made systems are designed by some of the most experienced team members in the industry. We strive to meet our customer’s needs through a central system design that is both unique and efficient. Our coolant filtration systems supply the tool with the correct fluid pressure, coolant concentration, and at the necessary temperature at all times. All metal fines are removed at one location so there is no need to operate and maintain multiple coolant filters. Operating and maintenance costs are reduced and the quality of the product is greatly enhanced.

A coolant filtration system that is made specifically for your needs can help to increase the life of both water and oil based coolants. This keeps the system cleaner longer and results in a healthy and long-lasting system. In order for customers to eliminate concerns related to certain applications, custom solutions are made based on the needs and regulations of the specific industry. Magnetic, vacuum, and pressure filters a re a few of the coolant filtration system options that Filtra-Systems uses to keep your central filtration system as efficient as possible.

Contact a Filtra-Systems professional today and learn about how a custom coolant filtration system can benefit your process!