4 Advantages of Cooling Tower Filtration

You’ll increase the life of your manufacturing systems with cooling tower filtration solutions provided by Filtra-Systems.

Almost every industrial site has a cooling tower, and our solutions promote cleaner systems and more effective cooling. We offer several types of filters for your needs including magnetic, vacuum, pressure, bag filters, and more.

Our central filtration systems help your system perform at its maximum efficiency, providing many advantages to your business. Below, please read about a few key advantages of cooling tower filtration.

Saves Energy

If you wish your cooling system worked at maximum efficiency, cooling tower filtration is an excellent option for you. Cooling tower water treatment increases the efficiency of your cooling tower by recirculating the water and removing particles such as suspended solids. If your cooling system is operating at maximum efficiency, you save money and decrease maintenance.

Less Maintenance

As we mentioned above, using cooling tower filtration decreases maintenance costs by ensuring that your cooling system is operating at maximum capacity. This reduces cleaning of spray nozzles, heat exchanger plates, and other points of material build-up.

Longer Lifespan

With less maintenance and greater output, your cooling system can significantly increase its working lifespan. Your system easily stays at its optimal levels, helping you avoid costly downtime in order to replace parts.

Reduced Cost

By installing a filtration system on your cooling system, you will spend less time cleaning your system to reach the system’s maximum efficiency. Not only are you saving on energy and maintenance costs, you avoid expenses such as replacement parts, which can add up down the road.

These are but a few of the many advantages of cooling tower filtration systems. At Filtra-Systems, we know that customers have needs based on their industry and business; that’s why we offer custom design and engineered central filtration systems. For more information, contact us today and speak with a team member to discuss your facility.