A Short Overview of Advanced Industrial Water Purification Products by Filtra-Systems

Filtra-Systems, a world-class provider of waste water filtration and industrial water purification systems to a wide variety of industries that rely on these crucial services in their day to day operations, has more than three decades worth of expertise and experience in designing and engineering such systems. We have a large array of proprietary filtration options, including custom-designed and engineered filtration media systems, pressure or vacuum systems, or bag and cartridge systems, all of which can filter waste water in order to meet the most stringent environmental standards.

The Perfect Solution for Industrial Water Filtration Needs

Filtra-Systems has the perfect solution your organization may need for its industrial water filtration or industrial water purification requirements. We are easily capable of providing your company with industry specific, turnkey, and custom-designed industrial water filtration solutions, making use of the most proven and innovative technologies appropriate for your particular needs. Filtra-Systems has staked its reputation on more than just filtration and purification systems that work: we’re known for taking only the most innovative approaches to industrial water purification through the research and development of a number of patented processes and technologies. We’re proud of being able to design and implement systems that aren’t just cost-effective but are also very efficient.

Proven and Innovative Filtration Technologies

One of our most proven and innovative industrial water filtration technologies is Filtra-Systems’ patented STiR technology. The STiR filter can clean 100% of its filter media during a backwash cycle, which is a vast improvement over more dated and less efficient technologies that make use of filter media that are unable to fluidize during backwash cycles.

Want to learn even more about Filtra-Systems and how our patented processes for filtering and purifying industrial water can help you? Call us today. We’ll show you what technologies we can provide for you industry, and help to increase the performance of your own filtration systems.