An In-Depth Look at Filtra-Systems Bag and Cartridge Filters

Filtra-Systems cartridge filters are an extremely flexible option for any industrial filtration system. There are multiple types of cartridge material offered, that can operate in temperatures between 0 and 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Filtra-Systems cartridges are available in nylon, polyester, or polypropylene in sizes from 0.2 to 100 micron. Whatever your cartridge needs may be, there is undoubtedly a solution that Filtra-Systems can provide.

Filtra-Systems cartridge filter housings were specifically designed to exceed the industry standards. Filtra-Systems offers cartridge filter housings that fit Type 226, Type 222, or DOE filter cartridges. Depending on the system, these cartridges are capable of processing anywhere from 1 to 1200 gallons per minute. Additionally, Filtra-Systems has specifically developed filter media to be used in cartridge filter housings that support whatever your filtration needs may be.

Bag filters are an opportunity for increased savings and reduced costs. Filtra-Systems offers a wide variety of filter bags. Some of the filter bag options include nylon monofilament mesh, activated carbon, and polyester bags. Additionally, Filtra-Systems offers filter bags for oil absorption and removal. The purpose of these filters is to trap and remove solid particulate while minimizing fiber migration and material bypass. Filtra-Systems filter bags are highly efficient and made to stand the test of time. Higher quality filter bags leads to fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs.