The Benefits Of A Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Filtration System

Dear Friend in search of TRUE industrial filtration breakthroughs.

In many successful companies, systems are put in place to keep gears turning while trying to get efficiency and effectiveness to all-time highs.

For engineering and manufacturing plants, this means having an effective and affordable industrial water filtration system to responsibly get rid of waste.

With an industrial water filtration system, you aren’t just investing in the financial health of your business, but also the longevity of your company.

Filtra-Systems’ selection of custom-engineered industrial water systems provides breakthrough and responsible solutions to folks looking to invest in the long-term health and success of their business.

Unlike a general application system, industrial water filtration systems are geared to process wastewater at either low or high volumes, effectively removing suspended solids, oils, and other contaminating factors.

At Filtra-Systems, we understand that each engineering or manufacturing plant may have different needs and applications which is why we take care to assess each plant’s water in order to apply the most appropriate solution.

Industrial water filtration systems can consist of an intricately designed body with clarifiers, bag filter housings, and cartridge filter housings.

Depending on the needs of your business, Filtra-Systems can customize your industrial water systems to take care of the task.

From caster oil filtration to hot lime softener protection, and aluminum production filters to creosote oil removal, a specialized water filter can help your plant run smoothly.

But, know this: Because of the many hazardous materials in wastewater from heavy engineering and manufacturing plants, it’s no surprise that there are a number of restrictions and guidelines in place to ensure safety and health requirements.

In fact, many plants are required to meet a certain standard in order to stay in commission.

Finding responsible methods for the removal of these waste products is an effective way to make sure your company is meeting those requirements.

In short, The Filtra-Systems STiR Industrial Water Filter removes up to 95% of suspended solids at 5 micron, which is significantly higher than most other systems. Without the use of expensive chemicals, this system can effectively clean up the wastewater your business produces.

When you reach out to Filtra-systems to install a custom-integrated industrial water filtration system for your company, you’ll be investing in its long-term success.

To discover more about our products or how an advanced filtration system can work for you, call us at 248-427-9090 for your free filtration consultation.