The Best Replacement Technology for a Sand Filter – Filtra-System’s Advanced Filtration Technology

Filtra-Systems has almost 40 years of experience in providing quality industrial water filtration solutions for various industries.

Our company understands the detailed processes associated with sand filters including slow and rapid filtration options.

We serve several different industries that have varying levels of filtration needs while working to conserve energy and water usage.

Using walnut shell filters as a replacement technology for sand filters is an important option more industries are exploring. It is a matter of understanding the advantages and how your company or industry benefits from this unique technology.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STiR FILTER PRODUCT. This link can be followed to learn more about a project that involved the STiR successfully replacing failing sand filters.

Filtra-Systems Understands Common Issues Associated with Sand Filters

Filtra-Systems has discovered a number of problems associated with traditional sand filters.

Our company understands issues related to sand filtration and how these problems can lead to inefficiency within filtration systems.

For example, the introduction of oil into a sand filter will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and uncleanable, even in extended backwash cycles. This leads to increased treatment and disposal costs, and potentially unsafe and unclean water.

Because sand filter beds need to be replaced every few years, a replacement technology for sand filters can provide the best treatment process available for your operation.

Walnut shell filters can help your company meet its goals, whether it is by reducing the cost of replacing the bed or by achieving lower backwash volumes.

A Wide Range of Industrial Water Purification Solutions

Advancements in filtration technologies help industries achieve even greater flexibility with sand filters than ever before. Filtra-Systems specializes in technology that works to separate unwanted contaminants from water including oil and suspended solids.

Take a look at these unique, custom-engineered systems including pressure and vacuum walnut shell filters, bag filters, and cartridge filters. These technologies follow precise specifications to improve water quality.

Determining the Best Industrial Water Filtration for Effective Results

Updating your existing sand filters to walnut shell filters can result in numerous benefits to your facility.

Efficient oil-based contaminant removal can be achieved by using walnut shell media, as opposed to sand, which tends to blind and “mudball” portions of the bed.

This is a prime example of how our technology can help improve water usage, cut operating costs, and improve the flow of water. Solutions offered as a replacement for sand filters are patented and incorporated through detailed cycles with limited use of chemical compounds.

Replacement technologies such as the STiR Walnut Shell Filter may overcome the limits of sand filters in several important ways. These include higher removal efficiencies, especially of oils and greases. And the best part is, the walnut shell media in the STiR also never needs to be replaced. The bed of a sand filter typically needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.

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