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Resource Extraction With Advanced Filter Presses

Who else wants the most advanced filter presses in the world?

Variety is the keyword. We understand that each application for filter presses is unique and for this reason we offer a variety of sizes in order to meet the needs of any organization. These automatic filter presses can easily replace a more traditional plate and frame filer.

In fact, hundreds of manufacturers have increased their efficiency simply by using one of our automatic filter presses.

The Verti-Press filter presses are designed with a series of vertically stacked chambers that can each be isolated. The Verti-Press filter is proven to provide higher production volumes, and chamber isolation ensures your organization has flexibility in the event that maintenance needs to be performed. By the way, Filtra-Systems has pilot filters available so you can bench scale test our innovative vertical tower filter press.

Working with several different businesses in a variety of industries, we have reduce not just initial costs for our clients through a combination of new enclosed chamber design and larger machine sizes but also have been able to make it more efficient to operate our Verti-Press filter.

In the long run, potential chemical exposure issues are minimized by a new chamber design, reducing operator exposure to the process.

When you need either the highest wash efficiency for your filter cake or you need your filter presses to provide high cake solids while reducing daily maintenance and increasing reliability, Verti-Press filter presses are a smart investment for your process.

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Improving Your Operating Efficiency With The Verti-Press Tower Filter Press

The Verti-Press Tower Filter Press is a dewatering filter used by some of the biggest names in the business, including Kodak and Dofasco.

Using these vertically stacked columns, the Verti-Press can produce dry, solid cakes and a high wash efficiency with a minimal footprint.

The Verti-Press uses a tested and proven diaphragm to mechanically squeeze the mother liquor from solid cakes.

After the liquor is pressed out, what remains are dry cakes that may consist of up to 94% solids.

Many manufacturing and processing plants require a specified dryness in their processes. With the Verti-Press, you’ll meet your requirements every time.

Combining both high-speed cycling with full automation, you’ll get very high solids output.

And, because of its design, this dewatering filter can cycle in as little as five minutes, maximizing efficiency within your manufacturing plant.

The simple, stacked design will also allow you to use your plant’s space to its full potential. With only a few moving parts, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance and energy costs.

Even better, the individual chambers can be isolated, allowing routine maintenance to occur at your convenience.

With one of the most effective products in the industry, Filtra-Systems is ready to help you improve your business.

So what are you waiting for? Our team at Filtra-Systems will make it easy for you to find a cost-effective solution for your company.

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The Application of Filter Presses in the Mining Industry

At Filtra-Systems, we provide industry leading technology for various groups of companies. Specifically, our filter presses have been used in the mining industry for a plethora of reasons. The mining and chemical industries have repeatedly sought out Filtra-Systems technology to improve efficiency and consistency.

Why does the mining industry seek out filter presses?

In the mining industry, safety standards are a high priority. At Filtra-Systems, we provide this industry with technology unlike any other offered on the market. Our automatic filter presses simplify processes, improve overall product quality, reduce energy consumption, reduce labor requirements and increase overall production. Not only do our automatic filter presses save our customers money, but they also increase the overall efficiency and productivity of their operation. The automatic filter presses main function is dewatering products. The filter presses separate solids from the slurry, remove impurities through a wash cycle, dry, and discharge the product.

Read more about the most advanced dewatering tower filter press available here. The Verti-Press automatic tower filter press improves the safety procedures of your company while providing advanced technology for your dewatering processes.

Contact a Filtra-Systems professional today! Since 1979, we have worked endlessly to customize our products to the needs of our customers. Need help deciding what product may be best for your company? Ask the professionals! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and recommend a product that will improve efficiency and save your company money in the process.

3 Benefits of Automatic Filter Presses Have Over Manual Filter Presses

Below are 3 benefits automatic filter presses offer over manual ones.

Benefit One: Increased Filtration Time

Fully automatic filter presses can be rapidly cycled, especially as compared to their manual counterparts. With an automatic belt wash, time spent scraping plates is eliminated, freeing up man-hours for other projects.

The unique design of the Verti-Press utilizes vertically stacked chambers that offer flexibility and improve wash efficiency for a more even product.

Benefit Two: Increased Efficiency

Automation if not removes, then greatly reduces the potential for error in any process, resulting in a safer, more efficient process that uses fewer materials and lowers costs.

The use of an automatic filter press produces more accurate and precise results. The size of the filter cake can be dialed in by selecting the amount of slurry fed into the press during each cycle.

Benefit Three: Requires Less Energy

Any reduction in labor and error results in better energy efficiency.

As multiple industries look for more energy-efficient processes and “green” technology, the benefits of using an automatic filter press are also expected to grow.

The Verti-Press automatic filter press from Filtra-Systems is the most advanced product of its kind available today. Understand the unique needs of organizations within different industries, Filtra-Systems can provide an appropriately sized press to meet the specifications of different applications.

Another Benefit of the Verti-Press

It minimizes the potential for chemical exposure and ensures equipment safety. The Verti-Press from Filtra-Systems may be the best choice for you in filter presses available today.

If you want to know more about the benefits of the automatic Verti-Press filter press from Filtra-Systems, or if you aren’t sure about the filter needed for your application, click here and contact us today.

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Verti-Press Filter, The Next Generation of Automatic Pressure Filter Technology

Filtra-Systems has been a constant innovator in the filtration industry. Our filter presses are as technologically advanced as they come – and our flagship filter press is our Verti-Press automatic pressure filter. Gone are the times when companies need to rely on traditional plate and frame filters, and a large number of our clients have been able to harness the technological advancements of Verti-Press filter presses to operate their processes more safely and efficiently.

The Innovation of the Verti-Press Automatic Pressure Filter

Incorporating a design that makes use of a series of vertically stacked chambers, Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press filter presses are a welcome innovation for any organization that needs to dewater a chemical or mineral product. Each one of the chambers of the Verti-Press can be isolated from the process of generating filter cakes from slurry in order to keep maintenance cycles efficient and flexible. Filtra-Systems also has a wide variety of pilot filters to offer as well, which can provide filter press bench scale test opportunities lacking in other systems.

The Result of Listening to our Clients

Filtra-Systems has three decades of experience when it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial water filters, and a large part of that is a result of truly listening to our clients’ needs. Filtra-Systems is dedicated to the design of new efficient and cost-effective methods to wash and dewater slurries, and that has led to the development of larger filter presses featuring enclosed chambers – to both boost performance and minimize costs. The biggest benefit lies in eliminating plant exposure to the slurry. This also provides higher levels of operational safety as well, proving that Filtra-Systems has your organization covered for your dewatering needs.

Interested in learning even more about how Filtra-Systems can provide you with an innovative Verti-Press automatic pressure filter? Want to learn more about our many other custom-designed filtration options? Contact us today to have any and all of your questions answered!

Filter Presses May Save You Money and Increase Your Efficiency

Filtra-Systems is a major innovator within the filtration industry and we take our role as an industry leader seriously.

Designing technologically superior filter presses for our clients, we provide a large range of sizes for a variety of applications – making our industrial filter presses a versatile dewatering solution.

These filter presses feature automatic operation which obsolete traditional plate and frame filters, leaving them in the dust.

Many of our clients improved their operational efficiency and safety with these filter presses while also creating filtration processes that are far more cost-effective and profitable as well.

Verti-Press – Innovation in a Tower Filter Press

The Verti-Press filter presses feature innovative designs that uses several vertically stacked chambers.

You see, every one of these chambers can be isolated when turning dewatered slurry into filter cakes, and this makes the Verti-Press filter press an ideal solution for keeping equipment available.

Your operation will be able to take advantage of more flexible maintenance cycles and higher operational efficiencies.

Now, you wouldn’t by a car or truck without test driving it first, right? That’s exactly why you are offered the opportunity for bench-scale testing using our pilot filters. Becasue you want solid proof the Verti-press is right for you, your application and facility.

A History of Continuous Improvement

As a company with 40+ years of experience designing and installing industrial water filters, Filtra-Systems has a long track record providing filtration solutions for a wide variety of businesses, industries and applications.

We always listen to your needs and wants when it comes to designing newer, more efficient and cost-effective systems.

You’ve shared with us you want new designs to include larger presses with enclosed chambers.

You also want to keep costs down and to provide a better performance, especially when it comes to minimizing chemical exposure and maximizing equipment safety.

Now, discover how easy it is to see how Filtra-Systems’ equipment can help you get high cake solids and the most efficient cake wash on the market.

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How Advanced Filter Presses Increase Your Efficiency

As an industry leader, Filtra-Systems is dedicated to offering the most advanced filter presses ever to hit the market.

Coming in a variety of different sizes in order to meet the needs of your organization, our automatic filter presses can easily replace a more traditional plate and frame filter.

Thousands of engineers have been able to increase their efficiency by using one of our automatic filter presses, all while improving their operational safety at the same time.

The Innovative Verti-Press Tower Filter Press

Our Verti-Press filter presses make use of a series of vertically stacked chambers that can each be isolated in turn when you need to form a filter cake from the dewatered slurry.

The Verti-Press filter’s individual isolation capabilities provide higher equipment availability levels, ensuring that your organization has extended flexibility in the event that maintenance needs to be performed on your filter.

In addition, Filtra-Systems has pilot filters available, allowing for bench-scale testing of our innovative vertical tower filter press.

Verti-Press Technology: Born from Our Clients Applications and Needs

Filtra-Systems has a 40+ year history of working with thousands of different businesses in a variety of diverse industries.

We have reduced not just initial costs for our clients through a combination of new enclosed chamber design and larger machine sizes, we’ve also been able to make it more efficient to operate our Verti-Press filter presses as well.

With potential chemical exposure issues minimized by this new chamber design, equipment and operator safety is ensured.

When you need either the highest wash efficiency for your filter cake or you need your filter presses to provide high cake solids while also providing high levels of maintainability and reliability, Verti-Press filter presses may be the best choice for your industry.

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