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Exploring The Benefits Of Walnut Shell Media Filters

Filtra-System is known for helping overcome the limits of regular bed type industrial water filters. How? We leverage a maximum efficiency design for bed regeneration, which is utilized in both the STiR Walnut Shell Filter and Hydromation Deep Bed Filter.

The design, construction, and application of these walnut shell filters are a direct result of our  attention to client feedback throughout thirty-nine years of operation.

The Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is now used in hundreds of applications worldwide, in a variety of settings.

Continue reading because this post explains why industries should consider these tested and proven walnut shell filters.

A Truly Unique System

Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are unique because the media scrubbing cycle automatically regenerates the filter media during every backwash cycle.

This backwash cycle happens in cases when the filter bed becomes loaded with contaminants. The backwash is signaled by an automatic preset time notification or when an increase in filter bed pressure differential is observed.

Endlessly Leading In The Chemical And Mining Filtration Fields

Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are field leaders in the mining and chemical industries. These walnut shell filters are deep bed, downflow media filters and are made for oily industrial water filtration.

Here are the ways that these filtration systems work:

  • Liquid passes through the media bed
  • All oil and solids are effectively trapped in the bed
  • These oils and solids can easily be backwashed away from the media bed through Filtra-Systems patented rotating media scrubber design
  • Chemicals, surfactants, and air sparging cycles are unnecessary for the backwash to function properly

The Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is the best available technology when it comes to backwashing the media bed. The design of the backwash assembly also permits the building of large horizontal units that can treat extremely high flow rates.

Automatic Operation

Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters are regularly used to eliminate insoluble hydrocarbons and suspended solids from oily wastewater, produced water, plant process water, cooling water, and groundwater in low to high water volume filtration applications.

Additionally, these walnut shell filters remove and treat oily residues, suspended solids, and metal hydroxides from industrial water in power generation, chemical, petrochemical, and metalworking applications.

Also, Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filters offer industries the removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons by increasing the throughput efficiency of conventional grade mixed-media or sand filters.

Customized To Your Needs

In addition to all of these standard benefits, the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter is entirely customized to your needs.

Regardless of specific on-site requirements, Filtra-Systems provides all clients with the optimal size filter unit. Our support systems are also optimally set up, with lab analysis, engineering, installation, and customer support available worldwide.

Don’t have any experience with walnut shell filtration, contact Filtra-Systems for more information on the benefits of the Hydromation Walnut Shell Media Filter.

Filtra-Systems Provides Advanced Water Filtration Technologies for Your Industry

As industrial applications become more complex and even more demanding, regulations are placed on them.

Because of ever-changing standards for the disposal of industrial wastewater, the water filtration must change in response.

Filtra-Systems employs talented designers and engineers to produce an advanced line of industrial water filters, using technology to remain on the cutting edge.

The products created today implement the most advanced technology and will play a vital role in the development of filtration technologies for the future.

Filtration Technology of the Future

Industrial water filtration continues to grow in importance for the production of purified water. Industries need increasingly reliable filtration for better efficiency and safety. Companies also strive to produce the highest quality products to make them competitive in a growing market.

Filtra-Systems understands the role new technologies will play in the future, and we invest in a broad range of those available today to meet the challenges of all industries and the needs that are specific to them.

Some examples of the industrial water filters that reflect modern technologies are river protection filters, filters for groundwater remediation, and fuel oil removal filtration.

All of these filters have gone through multiple design changes to increase their efficiency just as Filtra-Systems continues to develop and incorporate technologies into new products that offer more advanced solutions.

What Industries Need to Know About the Future of Industrial Water Filtration

To achieve the best results when selecting industrial water filters, every detail matters.

The right materials, size, and design are just some of the features that will determine how well your filtration process works.

To add to the challenge, many companies are also looking for industrial water filtration systems that are cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. At the same time, they need to minimize operating costs.

A lack of knowledge of filtration technologies can easily result in engineers and companies making the wrong choice in industrial water filters and filtration systems.

Filtra-Systems would love to provide you with the information you need about a wide variety of industrial water filters to help you make an informed decision. Click here now to contact us and discover the best filtration solutions for your specific applications. 248-427-9090

Water Treatment Solutions: Building Your Sustainable Systems

In the world of water filtration systems, sustainable water filters were at one time prohibitive to operate and design.

However, Filtra-Systems’ innovative approach to building sustainable systems has made adopting a replacement technology for a sand filter both cost-effective as well as efficient.

Never before has it been this easy to ensure your industrial water filter system is as “green” as it can be.

Introducing The STiR Innovation

Working as a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR), our STiR technology is a patented process that has been mathematically proven to clean 100% of filter media during a single backwash cycle.

You see, the filter media itself is permanent – STiR industrial water filters uses black walnut shell media, a media that is resilient, hard, chemically inert, and is a byproduct of the food processing industry.

In fact, you’ll never have to replace the walnut shell media because the typical life of our media under normal operation is 30-plus years.

More Than Just Sustainable Filter Media

While never having to replace your filter media again is a fine example of how the STiR is an excellent replacement technology for a sand filter, there are even more sustainable benefits to our patented design.

The normal operation of our STiR Industrial Water Filter does not need any chemicals in order to operate and our backwash method require no additives or surfactants.

The backwash volume generated by the STiR filter is also minuscule. Only one half of one percent of throughput is backwashed, something that none of Filtra-Systems’ competitors can claim.

Combined with our high removal efficiency of 95% of suspended solids and 90% of oils and greases at 5 microns, waste is minimized.

And, it’s another way you can ensure your industrial water filter system is as sustainable as it can be.

All of these reasons add up to why the STiR is an excellent replacement technology for a sand filter.

Are you interested in learning more about our line of STiR filters? Click here and contact Filtra-Systems now and have all of your questions about increasing the sustainability of your water filtration system answered. 248-427-9090

How Filtra-Systems’ Turnkey Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Eliminate Waste

Industrial water filtration solutions work in a variety of ways to eliminate waste from your wastewater and groundwater.

These technologies are used by industries across the globe to filter their water, with Filtra-Systems offering a selection of products to choose from based on your needs.

We offer specialized industrial water filters and products to enhance the efficiency of your systems. More importantly, Filtra-Systems also designs and ships industrial water purification systems across the globe. These specialized systems are customized for each of our clients.

Some of these technologies and industrial water purification systems include:

Bag and Cartridge Filters

STiR Industrial Water Filter

Walnut Shell Media Filter

Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems has many proprietary water filtration solutions to solve a variety of your issues.

For instance, Bag Filter Housings can be used for many applications including brewing, coolant filtration, injection water, and more.

Our Cartridge Filter Housings fit multiple cartridge types, including double open-ended (DOE), Type 222, and Type 226 (sanitary).

We offer effective industrial water filtration solutions which assist with the removal of suspended oils and solids like our STiR Industrial Water Filter. In fact, the STiR removes up to 99% of suspended solids and insoluble carbons under normal operating conditions.

The smallest vessel can process 50 gpm, and the largest can process up to 6500 gpm. STiR filters are shipped pre-assembled and skid mounted.

This is just one example of a turnkey solution that Filtra-Solutions offers our clients.

With a backwash modeled on a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor, our Deep Bed Walnut Shell Media Filter is another example of a product we designed for maximum efficiency in eliminating waste from your system.

This filtration system is much more effective than traditional sand filters for the removal of oil & grease, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Want to discover more about solving almost any industrial water filtration issue, click here nwp to contact us and get your free no-obligation consultation with one of our filtration experts. 248-427-9090

5 Ways Filtra-Systems Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Benefit Your Company

Industrial water filtration solutions may save your company time and money in many ways.

Customized Solutions

When you need customized solutions to meet the unique demands of your company and the requirements for your system… Filtra-Systems works with you to narrow down which products benefit your setup the most, as opposed to purchasing industrial water filtration products from less adept companies who may try to sell you items you don’t need.

Quality Products

Our products are tested and engineered with proprietary technologies and innovations, so you can sleep easy knowing that your system will have a long lifespan and you won’t need to reinvest in new technologies every few years.

Product Design

If you are looking for industrial water filtration products, ours have many industry-leading advancements in technology.

The STiR Industrial Water Filter, for instance, is the latest version of walnut shell filter technology. It is designed to get the same rate of filtration and filter life at a fraction of the cost of traditional walnut shell filters.

Improved Performance

You need industrial water filters to work efficiently, right? Absolute rated cartridge filters have 99.5% efficiency at a given micron rating and are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Qualified Professionals

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of industrial water filtration solutions and has worked with many companies in over 37 nations to help solve their industrial water filtration issues.

We have designed, manufactured, and shipped industrial water filtration products for 40 years, and our team would love to work with you to customize a solution that benefits your manufacturing processes and business.

Call us now, 248-427-9090, or click here for more information and recommendations of industrial water filtration products that can benefit your business.

Industrial Water Filtration Solutions For Your Industry

Not all industries require the same industrial water filtration system, so Filtra-Systems provides a wide range of products, as well as customized solutions, for many different industries and needs.

Some of these solutions include industrial process water systems, wastewater solutions, groundwater solutions, and units for cooling water.

Whatever your industry’s needs, we may be able to provide systems to efficiently filter out contaminants and particulate.

Industrial Process and Wastewater Solutions

The STiR Walnut Shell Media filter provides solutions for both process water and wastewater. This system is aimed at reusing water, which has both an economic and environmental impact.

The STiR uses a walnut shell media, which is great at removing both total suspended solids (TSS) and oils from water, while also minimizing the amount of backwash water that is required.

The STiR typically backwashes with less than 0.5% of the total water throughput and in most cases, clean water is not required for a backwash.

Groundwater and Cooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems frequently use either walnut shell filters or bag filters to remove several different types of contaminants. Clean water can be sent back to the cooling source, and water is reused.

Groundwater systems include applications where runoff water needs to be filtered. Bag filters are also frequently used, especially in situations where constant filtration is not needed (eg rainwater causes liquid levels to rise, and require filtration).

Many different bags are available and each bag has different properties for different applications.

The bag material can be varied for changing liquid stream compositions, such as the addition of oil. Different micron ratings are available for different removal efficiencies.

We have systems that are easily maintained and flexible.

Overall, each business needs its own, individually selected solution to filter their water.

Filtra-Systems is here  to provide you these different options for each companies preferred filtration system. These products will help your project as cost-effective as possible, and our products stand the test of time so you can keep the same filtration system for many years to come.

Call us today for your free consultation, 248-427-9090

The Best Replacement Technology for a Sand Filter – Filtra-System’s Advanced Filtration Technology

Filtra-Systems has almost 40 years of experience in providing quality industrial water filtration solutions for various industries.

Our company understands the detailed processes associated with sand filters including slow and rapid filtration options.

We serve several different industries that have varying levels of filtration needs while working to conserve energy and water usage.

Using walnut shell filters as a replacement technology for sand filters is an important option more industries are exploring. It is a matter of understanding the advantages and how your company or industry benefits from this unique technology.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STiR FILTER PRODUCT. This link can be followed to learn more about a project that involved the STiR successfully replacing failing sand filters.

Filtra-Systems Understands Common Issues Associated with Sand Filters

Filtra-Systems has discovered a number of problems associated with traditional sand filters.

Our company understands issues related to sand filtration and how these problems can lead to inefficiency within filtration systems.

For example, the introduction of oil into a sand filter will cause portions of the bed to become clogged and uncleanable, even in extended backwash cycles. This leads to increased treatment and disposal costs, and potentially unsafe and unclean water.

Because sand filter beds need to be replaced every few years, a replacement technology for sand filters can provide the best treatment process available for your operation.

Walnut shell filters can help your company meet its goals, whether it is by reducing the cost of replacing the bed or by achieving lower backwash volumes.

A Wide Range of Industrial Water Purification Solutions

Advancements in filtration technologies help industries achieve even greater flexibility with sand filters than ever before. Filtra-Systems specializes in technology that works to separate unwanted contaminants from water including oil and suspended solids.

Take a look at these unique, custom-engineered systems including pressure and vacuum walnut shell filters, bag filters, and cartridge filters. These technologies follow precise specifications to improve water quality.

Determining the Best Industrial Water Filtration for Effective Results

Updating your existing sand filters to walnut shell filters can result in numerous benefits to your facility.

Efficient oil-based contaminant removal can be achieved by using walnut shell media, as opposed to sand, which tends to blind and “mudball” portions of the bed.

This is a prime example of how our technology can help improve water usage, cut operating costs, and improve the flow of water. Solutions offered as a replacement for sand filters are patented and incorporated through detailed cycles with limited use of chemical compounds.

Replacement technologies such as the STiR Walnut Shell Filter may overcome the limits of sand filters in several important ways. These include higher removal efficiencies, especially of oils and greases. And the best part is, the walnut shell media in the STiR also never needs to be replaced. The bed of a sand filter typically needs to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Contact Filtra-Systems today to learn more about the STiR filter, 248-427-9090

Filtra-Systems’ Advanced Technology is the Most Efficient Industrial Water Filtration Solustion on the Market and Here’s Why…

Finding the right industrial water filtration solution for your company can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

In fact, there are various options out there for water treatment solutions and it is important to find a company that understands your needs. You’ll find many things to consider when narrowing down your search and reviewing potential industrial water filtration companies.

For example, a business must consider contaminants and their size, filtration rate, and how the water will be used.

Because Filtra-Systems has over 40-years of experience and a unique understanding of industrial water filtration solutions, we’ve tested and proven this advanced filtration technology is the most efficient solution on the market.

Filtra-Systems Specializes in Multiple Types of Filtration

Providing a broad range of coolant filtration and industrial water filters for over 40 years, and offering a diverse line of water purification and filtration services and products incorporating the latest technologies is what we do.

Understanding important details of the development process and  the wealth of experiencing in engineering products and application testing, helps us create custom solutions for our cliients.

Reality is, as the industry leader in water purification solutions, we provide separation technologies to remove various forms of contaminant, including oils and solids. Many of these separation technologies help you get efficient water usage while simultaneously meeting disposal and recycling standards.

Filtra-Systems’ Technologies Help Companies Reduce Costs

Our innovative technologies introduce new ways to purify water for industrial facilities across the country. For instance, one of Filtra-Systems’ specialized tools, the automatic filter press, offers unique benefits, including reducing maintenance costs.

Other water filters can reduce disposal costs, or even allow for reuse of process water. Many other cost benefits can be achieved through the implementation of a filter system.

Filtra-Systems Offers a Wide Selection of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Filtra-Systems provides various different filter systems that provide efficient usage of water in various industries.

Almost all filters are custom-designed to remove specific contaminants to suit your company’s operational needs. Cartridge filters, filter presses, bag filters, and walnut shell filters are some important filter options, and each solution is truly customizable for each of our clients.

Get your free, no-pressure, filtration consultation today, call 248-427-9090 now.

The Next Generation of Filtration Technology

Truth be told, industrial water filtration systems provide essential water treatment solutions for today’s growing industries, and the technology behind these systems continues to change and evolve in response to demand.

Technology plays an integral role in water treatment, and filtration experts like Filtra-Systems work to stay on the cutting edge to bring you the most reliable advanced technology in water filtration.

Filtra-Systems’ forward-thinking engineers provide products and services that play a fundamental role in the future of filtration technologies.

Developments in Industrial Water Filtration Technology

Quality product materials, efficiency in processing, meeting client demands and quality control through product testing are but a few elements that will help you define essential water treatment solutions in the future.

Filtra-Systems provides unique industrial water filtration systems and purification solutions while investing in a broad range of technologies in order to tackle the numerous water purification challenges that we face today.

The most common industrial water filtration systems require an in-depth development stage, and these systems have made it possible for industries to more efficiently remove contaminants from water and dispose of those contaminants.

Examples of these technologies include river protection filters, fuel oil removal, and groundwater remediation purification.

Each plays a role in how waste products are removed from water during industrial processes.

Most of these filtration solutions went through several changes to ensure efficiency and safety over the years, and Filtra-Systems continues to lead the industry by developing and incorporating new technologies into our solutions.

The Importance of Educating Industries About Water Filtration

An efficient filtration solution requires a unique design strategy that is customized to fit the needs of that specific facility.

Using industrial water filters is more important now than ever.

Many different industries are affected by water shortages, yet few fully understand how water filtration technologies and wastewater treatment solutions can benefit their businesses.

Many companies are changing how they use water, and water scarcity is one of the driving forces in many of these industries. These companies are now seeking cost-effective strategies that will not only help the environment but reduce operating costs.

People searching for water filtration solutions need to know which technologies are in use and which strategies and options they have to make informed decisions about their water treatment needs.

For instance, there are different types of filters that help purify and remove contaminants. Industrial cartridge and deep bed filters are just two basic examples of this. Each type of filter works to remove material.

Talk to us for help finding which water filtration solutions are best for your situation: click here to contact Filtra-Systems, or call 248-427-9090.

Types of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

Industrial water treatment equipment comes in a variety of systems all designed to fit your specific operating needs.

Filter presses, bed filters, cartridge filters, and bag filters all shine in their intended applications.

Filter Presses

Where most industrial water treatment equipment is designed to remove solid material from water, filter presses are designed to remove water from the solids.

Filter presses are ideal for any filtration application where enough material needs to be removed so that more conventional filtration methods would be ineffective.

A filter press operates, by exerting physical pressure usually in the form of either air or a water-filled diaphragm on a slurry mixture and extracting the moisture. The remaining cake of material is then disposed of.

Bed Filters

Bed Filters are filters with a bed of material (typically crushed walnut shell, sand, anthracite or activated carbon) that removes contaminants.

Material is collected throughout the depth of the bed, allowing large amounts of material to be collected before a backwash cycle is initiated.

Inlet water pumps through the filtration medium, which collects and suspends contaminants. Once the medium is saturated with contaminants, a backwash cycle is initiated. The filtration medium is fluidized and washed.

This industrial water filtration method cleans the medium and readies the filter for use. This reuse of the filtration medium minimizes waste associated with the process.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are disposable, replaceable, self-contained filtration units.

They consist of a central perforated core wrapped in layers of filtration material.

Inlet water is pumped in through the top of the filter core and passes through the walls of the filter.

Contaminants can be caught throughout the depth of the filter cartridge, which allows individual cartridges to achieve very high filtration efficiencies.

Cartridge filters are typically used where high purity water is required.

Bag Filters

Bag filters are similar to cartridge filters because they are also disposable and replaceable.

Bag filters are shaped like a large sock and are sometimes called sock filters, filter pods or filter pots.

They catch contaminants on the surface of the bag and are typically used as a low-cost option to remove particulate from wastewater streams.

For help deciding which industrial water treatment system would be most efficient and effective for your specific application, call for your free, no-obligation, filtration consultation, 248-427-9090 now, one of our engineers will be happy to help you.