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How Advances in Industrial Water Filtration Can Increase Your System’s Efficiency

Industrial Water Filter Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Filtra-Systems never cuts corners when it comes to designing innovative industrial water filtration solutions for our clients.

We’ve patented several important approaches to industrial water filtration, most notably our STiR filter media cleansing systems that uses the lowest possible volume of clean water to backwash the media bed, providing completely clean filter media at the end of every cycle.

Innovative approaches include using walnut shell filter media, which offers a high level of durability and much more effective filtration when compared to other filter media like anthracite and carbon.

Designed Specifically to Meet Your Needs

If there’s one thing that Filtra-Systems has learned after 40 years in business, knowing how crucial it is to listen to our clients helps us design innovative industrial water filtration systems that meet your needs. In the creation of each new system or process we design, we strive for the highest levels of efficiency that keep your systems running longer without interruption making maintenance cycles few and far between.

Filtra-Systems has a reputation of providing simply the best industrial water filters in a global setting and has been for more than three decades.

When it comes to industrial water filtration, we know what it takes to design, install and maintain systems. Increasing your system’s efficiency, by providing industrial water filtration that needs little maintenance and spends the most time possible filtering water helps meet the needs of your particular industry.

If you want to discover more about how Filtra-Systems industrial water filters improve your manufacturing and how these proven technologies can keep your filtration system running as efficiently as possible, click here to contact Filtra-Systems today. Provide you the best most cost-effective and efficient industrial water filtration technologies for your business is what we do best. Call 248-427-9090 now.

Protecting the Environment with Industrial Water Filters

Protecting the environment is one of the most important considerations for engineers.

The hazards of industrial water filtration must be contained by using quality products and innovative systems which have a positive impact on performance and efficiency.

Filtra-Systems develops, ships and installs systems engineered to meet your needs while simultaneously protecting the environment by reducing pollutants.

Our equipment minimizes the risk of exposure to your workers and to the environment by creating some of the most reliable products in the industrial water filtration space.

Proprietary technologies provide you with the cleanest water possible and all our products are customizable with current industrial water filtration systems.

Industry-Leading Products

Filtra-Systems provides industrial water filters such as the STiR Filter, unmatched among competing technologies.

Using our patented fluidization technology, our industrial water filter is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media in the backwash cycle. This filter system is used around the world to protect rivers and other natural waterways from contamination and pollution.

And, the STiR filter’s dynamic backwashing system minimizes waste volume for adding efficiency to your applications.

The STiR Industrial Water Filter is pre-assembled at the factory to lower freight and installation costs.

Protecting the Environment with Efficient Products

The STiR filter is the perfect example of the engineering standards Filtra-Systems abides by.

Compared to older and outdated purification systems, our filtration systems and products will set new standards for efficiency and reliability in your facility.

For example, the STiR Filter provides more efficient filtration, especially in the removal of oil, than filters that utilize traditional filter media such as sand.

This filter can remove 95% of solid material and 90% of oil at 5 micron – all without the use of chemicals.

Discover more about these industrial water filters, including the STiR Filter, by clicking here and contacting us today! 248-427-9090.

Filtra-Systems’ Industrial Water Purification Methods

As a worldwide leader in the provision of custom-engineered industrial water and wastewater filters for a multitude of industries, Filtra-Systems has installed more than 16,000 filtration systems around the globe since we were founded in 1979.

These industrial water purification methods have been proven time and again thanks to our skilled and experienced team of engineers and designers.

Custom Designed for Each of our Clients

Here at Filtra-Systems, we design each of our new industrial water and wastewater filters to your specific needs and requirements.

We partner with you from the initial stages of testing and design, through the engineering phase, all the way to the installation of the water filtration system, it’s commissioning, and we also provide you with ongoing maintenance and service.

Much attention includes the research and development of new water filtration technologies.

Filtra-Systems has created over 50 different patented processes and technologies in order to push the envelope when it comes to efficiency, sustainability, and ease of use of wastewater filters and industrial water filters.

Patented STiR Technology

The single advancement that epitomizes our dedication to providing high levels of efficiency, as well as sustainability, is our patented STiR technology.

Industrial water filters built with STiR tech are modeled on Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) and can clean 100% of filter media over the course of just one backwash cycle.

The filter media Filtra-Systems uses is a sustainable, permanent solution made from black walnut shells, and is projected to last 30 years under normal use.

Besides the use of highly sustainable filter media, STiR filters also have a very low backwash throughput of 1/2%.

Additionally, these filters remove up to 95% of insoluble solids and 98% of suspended solids, making our wastewater filters and industrial water filters equipped with this innovative technology highly efficient as well as sustainable.

Want to find out more about Filtra-Systems’ water purification methods? Click here and contact us today to discover these safe, reliable, and efficient systems designed and build for your specific applications and requirements. 248-427-9090.

Why You May Want To Replace Your Failing Industrial Sand Filters.

Sand filters have been used for water filtration since the early 19th century and their success is mainly due to their simple design.

However, many many drawbacks have been revealed when using sand filtration, especially in modern times, when companies have become increasingly aware of the need to conserve energy and lower overall water usage.

Filtra-Systems Understands the Drawbacks of Industrial Sand Filtration

Sand filters are often used in areas when the removal of suspended matter from water or wastewater is required.

Unfortunately, these filters also require frequent cleaning and maintenance, which produces large quantities of polluted rinse water which also must then be cleaned and disposed of properly. This may create environmental issues and increased maintenance costs.

Additional problems result when your water source introduces oil into the sand filter.

This can cause the sand bed to become clogged and uncleanable, even when treated with extended backwash cycles, resulting in increased disposal costs and potentially unsafe water.

Typical sand replacement is every 3-5 years, but the introduction of oil can dramatically decrease the life of the bed.

The Best Replacement Technology for your Sand Filter May Not Be a New Sand Filter

Filtra-Systems can help you to find a replacement for your industrial sand filter that provides improved water quality while reducing bed replacement costs and lowering backwash volumes.

The solution we offer for replacement of sand filters is the patented STiR Walnut Shell Filter, which can decrease your use of chemical compounds while producing higher removal efficiencies, especially of oil and grease. Plus, the walnut shell media in the STiR is sustainable and never needs to be replaced.

How open-minded are you to learn more about the STiR and other industrial water filtration systems that can save you money while improving efficiency?  Click here to contact Filtra-Systems or call 248-427-9090.

4 Advantages of Cooling Tower Filtration

Who else wants to increase the life of their manufacturing equipment and systems with a cooling tower filtration solution?

Almost every industrial site has a cooling tower and our solutions enhance cleaner systems and more effective cooling.

We engineer several types of filters including magnetic, vacuum, pressure, bag filters, and more.

Our central filtration systems help your system perform at its maximum efficiency, providing many advantages to your business.

Continue reading to discover many of the key advantages of cooling tower filtration.

Saves You Energy

If you wish your cooling system worked at maximum efficiency, cooling tower filtration is an excellent option for you.

Cooling tower water treatment increases the efficiency of your cooling tower by recirculating the water and removing particles such as suspended solids.

When your cooling system is operating at maximum efficiency, you save money, time as well as decreasing your maintenance.

Less Maintenance

As we just mentioned above, using cooling tower filtration decreases maintenance costs by ensuring that your cooling system is operating at maximum capacity.

This reduces the cleaning of your spray nozzles, heat exchanger plates, and other points of material build-up.

Longer Lifespan

With less maintenance and greater output, your cooling system can significantly increase your equipment’s working lifespan.

Your system easily stays at its optimal levels, helping you avoid costly downtime in order to replace parts.

Reduced Cost

After installing a filtration system on your cooling system, you will spend less time cleaning your system to reach the system’s maximum efficiency.

Not only are you saving on energy and maintenance costs, but you also avoid expenses such as replacement parts which can add up down the road.

These are but a few of the many advantages of cooling tower filtration systems.

At Filtra-Systems, we know that you have needs based on their industry and business; that’s why we offer you custom design and engineered central filtration systems.

For more information, contact us today, 248-427-9090 and talk with our filtration experts to discuss your facility, applications and goals.

How Filtra-Systems’ Turnkey Industrial Water Filtration Solutions Eliminate Waste

Industrial water filtration solutions work in a variety of ways to eliminate waste from your wastewater and groundwater.

These technologies are used by industries across the globe to filter their water, with Filtra-Systems offering a selection of products to choose from based on your needs.

We offer specialized industrial water filters and products to enhance the efficiency of your systems. More importantly, Filtra-Systems also designs and ships industrial water purification systems across the globe. These specialized systems are customized for each of our clients.

Some of these technologies and industrial water purification systems include:

Bag and Cartridge Filters

STiR Industrial Water Filter

Walnut Shell Media Filter

Water Filtration Solutions

Filtra-Systems has many proprietary water filtration solutions to solve a variety of your issues.

For instance, Bag Filter Housings can be used for many applications including brewing, coolant filtration, injection water, and more.

Our Cartridge Filter Housings fit multiple cartridge types, including double open-ended (DOE), Type 222, and Type 226 (sanitary).

We offer effective industrial water filtration solutions which assist with the removal of suspended oils and solids like our STiR Industrial Water Filter. In fact, the STiR removes up to 99% of suspended solids and insoluble carbons under normal operating conditions.

The smallest vessel can process 50 gpm, and the largest can process up to 6500 gpm. STiR filters are shipped pre-assembled and skid mounted.

This is just one example of a turnkey solution that Filtra-Solutions offers our clients.

With a backwash modeled on a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor, our Deep Bed Walnut Shell Media Filter is another example of a product we designed for maximum efficiency in eliminating waste from your system.

This filtration system is much more effective than traditional sand filters for the removal of oil & grease, making it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Want to discover more about solving almost any industrial water filtration issue, click here nwp to contact us and get your free no-obligation consultation with one of our filtration experts. 248-427-9090