Remove Contaminants with Filtra-Systems’ Waste Water Filters

Filtra-Systems has been providing water filtration solutions on a global level for the last three decades. We know our way around waste water filters, thanks to our experience in designing, installing, and then maintaining filtration systems. We have been providing industrial bag filters for our customers for just as long, as well. Filtra-Systems knows how to design a filtration system that operates smoothly and provides optimal filtration for our customers, without the need for excessive maintenance. By utilizing advanced technologies, Filtra-Systems keeps industrial water systems functioning at peak efficiency.

Waste Water Filters For All Industries

We take our role of providing innovative filtration solutions seriously, which is why Filtra-Systems is constantly designing new types of waste water filters that operate in ways the industry has never seen before. This includes our patented STiR filtration technology, which is capable of cleaning 100% of filter media every single backwash cycle. The waste water filters we have developed incorporate the use of crushed black walnut shell as a filter media, a very resilient material that can be sustainably sourced, and is also much more efficient at removing particulate when compared to anthracite or carbon filters.

Industrial Bag Filters of All Types and Needs

Of course, no waste water filtration system is complete without the proper industrial bag filters installed as a final protection. Here at Filtra-Systems, we know that any high performance waste water filter needs to be paired together with the perfect industrial bag filters to get the most out of your filtration system, and that’s why we offer a large array of filters to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our bag filter choices include oil absorption, nylon monofilament mesh, activated carbon, and needle felt filter bags. These filters are durable enough to withstand a large range of operational temperatures, from near freezing to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want more information about our industrial bag filters and our waste water filtration solutions in general? Contact Filtra-Systems today to have all your questions answered.