Common Dewatering Issues That An Automatic Filter Press Can Solve

Dewatering issues are common and preventable. As a world leader in filtration, Filtra-Systems offers the most advanced dewatering automatic filter press available on the market today. If you’re experiencing dewatering system issues, an automatic filter press could be the solution for your current issues.

What are common dewatering systems issues?

Poor Performance
Efficiency Standards
Plate Shifting

Filtra-Systems’ Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press is capable of meeting your needs, proven through its success in multiple industries. We have combined newer and larger machine sizes with a design that completely encloses the chamber, allowing for lower initial and operating costs for our customers. The new chamber design is not only cost efficient but also ensures equipment and operator safety. (The chamber design minimizes potential chemical exposure.)

Our advanced technology utilizes vertically stacked chambers that are able to be isolated. By isolating each individual chamber, maintenance is able to be performed on your automatic filter press more efficiently. When high cake solids and/or the highest wash efficiency are required, the Verti-Press is the product for you. The maintainability and reliability are unlike any other automated filter press on the market.

At Filtra-Systems, we know our customers needs. We work with businesses to finely tune and build our products to the needs of our customers. Cost, product efficiency, and safety are our top concerns with manufacturing a product.

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