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Dewatering Filter Press Pressure Filter

Verti-Press Pressure Filter

Could a Verti-Press Industrial Pressure Filter, also known as Filter Press Pressure Filter, be your ideal solution for filtering, washing, and dewatering slurries, sludges, or products? 

The Verti-Press promises to increase your process efficiency while reducing your operating costs. Why, Because it gives you the most efficient method to filter, cake wash, and dewater your slurry, producing the highest purity product while lowering it's weight.

These high-pressure vertical tower filter presses easily remove fluids from your solids by passing fluid through a filtration membrane using precise pressure.

With heavy fluids removed from your solids, it reduces their shipping weight, saving you expensive shipping costs.

Plus, these industrial pressure filters can be stacked vertically, saving you space because they have a relatively small footprint compared to a conventional plate and frame filter.

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Dewatering Filter Press

Thanks to experience in a wide variety of industries with many different materials and manufacturing processes, Filtra-Systems understands the specific concerns and frustrations you run into with other dewatering methods.

In most cases, these filter press filtration systems are available and ideal for either short-term rentals or longer-term installations.

The huge advantage of renting a filter press is it can oftentimes fit into your operational budget requiring No Capital Investment.

When high cake solids and the highest wash efficiency are required, and reliability and maintainability are a must, there is no better choice than the Verti-Press  Industrial Pressure Filter.


The Verti-Press pressure filters are designed to be 100% automatic, with minimal operator attention required.

All process variables are monitored and displayed on the control panel’s HMI touch screen, which also acts as an operator interface.

Each filter cake is discharged from the filter at one end simultaneously, eliminating the need for cross conveyors and lowering installation costs.

And, each filter chamber has an independent conveyor, a dedicated filter belt and a prox switch to insure all filter cakes are completely discharged each cycle.

The Verti-Press can also be configured with individual chamber isolation, giving you higher equipment availability and far greater flexibility when planning for maintenance.

The vertical pressure filter chamber design also minimizes potential chemical exposure outside of the tower filter press, ensuring operator and equipment safety. 

In short, when high cake solids and higher wash efficiency are required, along with reliability and maintainability, you'll find the Verti-Press automatic filter press technology a wise investment or equipment rental.

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  • Using intelligent process controls, the slurry is fed into the filter while being monitored for the optimal cake height. 
  • Once optimal cake height is reached, a diaphragm mechanically squeezes the filter bed, releasing the liquid but not smash the solids.
  • The diaphragm squeeze produces filter cakes as dry as 94% solids.
  • The cake can then be washed clean, dewatered again, and finally dried by using an air blow sequence. 
  • The dry cake is then discharged.  
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Product Range

With five filter size options and the capability to add filter modules, the Verti-press covers a wide range of capabilities and applications. 

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Features and Benefits

The diaphragm squeezing can produce cakes as dry as 94% solids. This process is 5-50% drier than conventional vacuum filtration, plate and frame filters or belt presses.

The Verti-Press filter press can cycle as fast as five minutes - discharge to discharge. Fast cycles mean dramatically increased output per machine.

The filter cakes are carried from the filter chamber by a fiber belt. This ensures that the cakes are positively discharged from the filter at every cycle. All phases of the filter function are controlled by a programmable controller to eliminate the need for a full-time operator and to minimize operating costs.

Vertical stacking of the horizontal automatic filter press chambers allows for maximum use of your plant space and leads to improved cake washing efficiency. Horizontal positioning of the filter cakes ensures uniformity, constant thickness, homogeneous structure and equal flow resistance. All of these factors lead to highly efficient cake washing and minimum wash water consumption.

All of the conveyors discharge the filter cakes at one location. This greatly simplifies the cake handling requirement and allows for simpler and lower cost filter installations.

Filter sealing, diaphragm squeezing and retraction are done hydraulically using water as an operating fluid to minimize energy consumption. The use of costly compressed air is minimized or eliminated completely.

Unlike conventional pressure filters, which require complex mechanisms to open and close the filter plates, the Verti-Press filter press has few moving parts. The filter chambers are stationary - filter sealing is accomplished simply by pressurizing the seals on each end of the filter chamber. The only other moving parts in the filter are the diaphragm and the filter belts. All filter belts are individual and can be changed in 10 minutes or less without the need for special tools.

All filters are delivered fully assembled, pressure tested and ready for startup. No special foundations are required, reducing installation time and cost.

The Verti-Press filter press comes with an efficient belt washing system as a standard feature. All belts can be washed at each cycle, leading to longer belt life and reduced maintenance costs.

Because of its unique chamber design and horizontal filter chambers, the Verti-Press filter press can achieve 99% + wash efficiencies while utilizing very little wash water (typically only 3 wash displacements.)


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