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Products: Duplex Bag Filter Housings

Duplex Bag Filter Housings

Duplex Bag Filter | Duplex Filter Housing | Filtra-Systems

Duplex Bag Filter Housings can utilize either single or multi-bag filter housings to ensure that filters are always online, even during bag changes.

Duplex-Bag-Filter-Housing   Duplex Multi-Bag Filter Housings

  • Quickest Turnaround - Our Duplex Bag Filter housings feature a spring balanced lid and swingbolts that make bag changes faster than davit swing lid design
  • No Bypass - Bag sealing is guaranteed with our compression style bag clamps
  • Large Capacity Available - Up to 12 bags per duplex filter housing means higher flowrates can be processed
  • Multiple Modes of Operation - Duplex filter vessels are valved for either dual or individual operation
  • Wide Variety - Duplex filter housing units can be built with 1-12 bags per vessel, allowing a system sized to your needs
  • Flexibility - Accepts both #2 bags or pleated cartridges
  • ASME Certified and "U" Stamped options available

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More Info

  1. Duplex units are constructed using FSSB or FSCT series filter vessels.  These vessels are rated for 150 psig working pressure, and are available with ASME "U" Stamp.
  2. Material of construction is 304 SS, 316L SS, or carbon steel.  [All carbon steel vessels are painted with epoxy primer]
  3. Vessel gasket selection is Viton or nitrile
  4. Vessels include perforated SS bag support basket available with round bottom for standard bags, or flat bottom for pleated bags

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