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Hot Oil Treatment System

Hot Oil Treatment System | Oil Purification System | Filtra-Systems

Filtra Systems Packaged Transmission Oil Test Stand Filter Systems are used to filter various transmission oils to industry specific grades such as ISO 15/13 Standard.

These packaged hot oil treatment systems are custom designed to meet your specific requirements for flow, temperature, pressure and cleanliness. 

Many of these oil purification systems are currently installed at world class manufacturing facilities, and allow continuous testing of singular or multiple transmissions to meet very stringent operating and environmental regulations.

All these fully automated oil purification systems come as complete packages ready to be installed.

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  • Fluid Cleanliness: Superior to that of new oil from the drum
  • Fully automated hot oil filter with no need for operator attention
  • Compatible with single or multiple test stations
  • Complete Modular Hot Oil System Design: Easily assembled for plug & play operation
  • Built-in secondary containment contains all oil spills and allows spilled oil to be filtered and reused
  • Capable of handling flow rates to 1000 gpm
  • Cartridge Filters continuously remove contaminants down to 1/2 micron levels
  • Heating elements enable fast start-up times
  • Precise temperature control to within 1 °F
  • Hot Oil Treatment Systems insulated for operations over 140 °F
  • Transmission oil filter produces a varied range of pressures and flow rates
  • Dehydration units incorporated as optional equipment
  • Includes test stand supply pumps for any pressure
  • Includes hot oil filter feed pumps
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