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Products: Hydro-Lift Pump

Hydro-Lift Pump | Cutting Fluid Pump | Filtra-Systems

The Hydro-Lift Pump is a patented product of Filtra-Systems, which is used to pump cutting fluids and contaminates efficiently from floor level up 24" to 60" into an industrial pumping station or filter. 

The cutting fluid pump was developed directly in response to the needs of a customer with low machine discharges.

The Hydro-Lift inlet is 3' above floor level and will operate effectively on any machine. The alternative, for machines with a discharge below 24", is to put the pump station in the floor, which is exactly what the customer is trying to eliminate.

The Hydro-Lift Pump has been designed to run dry so it can operate anywhere from the peak machine discharge rate, down to no flow. 

This cutting fluid pump is capable of pumping any size turnings, chip bundles or swarf materials, which are transferred from the machine to the Hydro-Lift inlet.

The Hydro-Lift pumps the cutting fluid and contaminants up into the side-mounted pump station. The pump station is fitted with a Chopper pump, which chops the chips fine enough so they can be pumped through overhead piping, to the filter, without plugging. 

These Hydro-Lift cutting fluid pumps can also be directly side mounted to a filter when only one unit is required.

The Hydro-Lift Pump has been designed in standard sizes with maximum flow rates of; 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 gpm.

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