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Mini-Vac Vacuum Filter

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The Mini-Vac is a compact portable oil filter system for removing solid contaminants from water-soluble oils, synthetic coolants, mineral seal oils, and heavier cutting oils.

Its compact, self-contained design allows easy installation in confined areas. Wheel-mounted Mini-Vacs can be rolled anywhere in your plant to clean the average machine sump quickly and effectively.

MiniVac Vacuum Filter

With flow rates from 5-350 gpm, and operating vacuum up to 15" Hg, Mini-Vac industrial oil filters can handle virtually any size machine tool. Fines down to 1 micron are removed.

This level of filtration efficiency has been proven to double or triple machine tool life, and extend the life of the cooling and tooling.

Contaminated liquid from machines is either pumped or drained into the Mini-Vac filter reservoir. Next, velocity and gravity draw liquid downward to the filter media, where solids are retained.

Clean liquid is drawn through the filter medium at the bottom of the dirty reservoir by the Mini-Vac pump. From the clean liquid vacuum chamber, the liquid is continuously pumped to the machines.

Automatic operation is controlled by a pre-programmed filter cycle; media is rotated when a pre-set vacuum is reached.

The flight conveyor and disposable filter media move a predetermined distance, usually a couple of inches. During the short index cycle, liquid is drawn from a reserve tank to ensure a continuous supply to machines.lubricating fluids indefinitely.  

Your machine tool uptime and profitability increases because of fewer tool changes and less maintenance.

Protect your CNC machine tools with these tested, proven and lower cost Mini-Vacuum filter system and you'll prevent chip handling issue, equipment breakdowns and extend your tool life, Call now, 248-427-9090.


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Flow Rates in GPM for Water-Soluble Coolants

Material & Operation MV-B MV-C MV-D
Steel Machining 70 100 350
Aluminum Machining 70 100 315
Cast Iron Machining 45 80 285
Steel Grinding 40 80 130
Aluminum Grinding 40 80 105
Cast Iron Grinding 25 55 85



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