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Products: Discover These Mobile Water Purification Systems

Discover These Mobile Water Purification Systems

Total Water Purification Systems & Solutions


"Water contamination gets worse with every sunrise."

Are you struggling to cleanup your contaminated wastewater, groundwater or drinking water?


  • Easily Eliminates PFAS/PFOA/PFOS, Nitrates, Phosphates, Disinfection By-Products, TOC, VOC, Heavy Metals And Almost All Other Undesirable Contaminates.  
  • Completely Removes Chemical & Organic Contamination
  • Safe & Secure Sample Collection
  • For Almost Every Emergency, Temporary Or Long Term Water Purification Situation
  • Skilled Sample Analysis through Certified EPA Laboratories
  • Fast Analytical Data Review
  • Full Economic Analysis
  • Expert Treatment Strategies & Options
  • Proven Piloting Systems or Trailers
  • Temporary or Permanent Systems including Media
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance of Systems
  • Fully Reliable Automated Controls 
  • Quickly Adaptable, On The Fly, To Different Contaminant Condition And Regulation Changes For Discharge
  • Multiple Units Available When More Flow Or When Additional Stages Of Filtration Are Required
  • Effluent Water To Federal, State & Local Requirements.
  • Media Destruction with Certificate of Destruction (if required)
  • And much much more... 

With Filtra-Systems step-by-step mobile water treatment removal system, you won't waste another minute fretting about dangerous water contamination issues ever again.

Why? Because the "VoyagerTM" mobile ready systems—as well as our smaller modular systems—are all engineered as single point, progressive, turnkey systems.

These systems 100% guaranteed (or you won’t have to pay us a dime) to clean up your PFAS/PFOA/PFOS, nitrates, phosphates, disinfection by-products, TOC, VOC, heavy metals and other contaminates faster and easier than ever before.

Each system is engineered to test, remove and restore your contaminated water to reusable or non-detectable (drinkable water) levels at rates ranging from 10 gpm, 50 gpm, 300 gpm or more gpm.


"Filtra-Systems is not limited to using one media. We always evaluate media ability with the end goal of finding the best solution for each of your applications." -Jeff Brooks, Chief Engineer

Many times a combination, phased, step-by-step treatment is needed to reach your final water quality objectives.

In short, depending on the application, water contamination level and water chemistry; walnut shell, ion exchange resin, granulated activated carbon, and reverse osmosis membranes will be used to remove contaminates.

Walnut, GAC, Ion Exchange & RO Filter Media

  • Walnut shell or bag filter media may be used first to remove free contaminates such as suspended solids and hydrocarbons. Typically removing 95 to 99% of suspended solids, and 90 to 99% of insoluble hydrocarbons without the use of chemicals.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), a multi-functional media, may be used for the removal of organic water impurities, solubles and metal contaminants caused by past industrial pollution, pesticide leaching, landfill leachate and other sources found in water.
  • Ion Exchange Resins, a contaminate specific selective media, may be used to remove all soluble PFAS contaminates. They remove both short- and long chain PFAS—including PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonate), PFNA, PFHxA, PFHxS, PFHpA, PFBS and PFBA.

“Solid hard evidence shows that Ion exchange resins remove all of PFOA, PFOS and other PFAS contaminates to levels below detection limits of 2 parts per trillion … in other words, pretty much nonexistent, safe for drinking levels” says Scott Bratten, CEO, Filtra-Systems. 

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) technology may be used to complete the removal of dissolved solids and minerals, and unwanted molecules from water.  RO uses reverse osmosis membranes as its core separation technology to remove these contaminants. The result… high quality clean reusable and drinkable water.

In any situation, which ever media is needed for your application, the Filtra-Systems team will assemble the filter systems and media in a mobile or permanent unit and deliver it to you.

We'll come out, set it up, fire it up, and adjust it to work perfect.

Ultimately, providing you with the step-by-step, fully automated total water treatment solution you need—100% guaranteed—you'll reach your desired clean water levels and requirements.


No dirty water cleanup application is too large for Filtra-Systems and the VoyagerTM.

In fact, it's not unusual for us to be contacted to efficiently and effectively process and remove PFAS chemicals (sometimes called forever chemicals). 

And a large number of people contact us to also remove many other dangerous contaminates from wastewater, groundwater and drinking water.

We have helped Superfund, aerospace, military, municipal, general manufacturing, landfill, and heavy industrial sites throughout the U.S. and around the globe.


Not sure which water treatment/purification system is right for you? 

We understand because you wouldn’t buy a car or truck without test-driving it first… so we would be happy to bring our water treatment test equipment to your site.

We'll come out, run the test equipment, pull water samples and provide you with EPA certified laboratory water analysis data (for a nominal fee).

The certified data will confirm and 100% guarantee your water cleanup will exceed all environmental standards, regulations and guidelines. 

Contaminated water sampling  Contaminated Water Testing

Contaminated wastewater, groundwater or drinking water sampling and testing.


Our team of filtration experts work with you, gathering information to help you make better and more informed decisions.

Our engineers will also help you with an economic analysis to predict the efficiency and effectiveness of a larger water remediation program.

The reality is, once you’ve done your due diligence, see the data and discover how the Voyager turnkey system clears up all your water issues, you may decide to lease or purchase a system from us. 

The VoyagerTM mobile units are ideal for either short-term rentals or long-term projects. And, the Voyager can be deployed, setup and cleaning up your contaminated water quickly, usually within days.

And, the system can be delivered to you as a mobile, modular or fixed system depending on your needs or the needs of your end user and application.


 Voyager cleaning up water at a highly contaminated site

The Voyager being used to cleanup contaminated water at an industrial site.


Here's one more thing you may want to know...

Michigan is one of the leading states attacking PFAS issues...

... And, Filtra-Systems, celebrating our 40th-year as a Michigan company, is proud and honored to be an integral part of Michigan’s PFAS cleanup.

... Also, Filtra-Systems is a Chickasaw Nation company which holds water as the most valuable resource on our planet.

... Together we are focused on treating contaminated water to help preserve and protect as much of our environment as possible.

We consider the Voyager water treatment system the most important system we've engineered since we started filtering water 40-years ago, as important as our work to recover produced water for reuse and as important as the safety of everyone involved in manufacturing.

In short, call us now for your friendly no-cost, zero pressure, contaminated water remediation consultation and advice, 248-427-9090. Your results are 100% guarantee. Achievements you’ll be proud to share.

More Info

Filtra-Systems' expert water treatment engineers would be happy to come to your facility, test and evaluate your water, then work with you to develop the most cost-effective options, strategies and solutions.

If needed, you'll also get an EPA certified laboratory water analysis data report.

Water treatment/purification plans typically vary from location to location because of the many factors involved.

In any case, whether you are just now starting to gather information or your are looking for an immediate water treatment/purification system, we have the team, equipment and experience to help you solve almost all your contaminated water issues.

Call Now 248-427-9090... you'll be glad you did.



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