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Products: PV-50 Standalone Machine Tool Coolant Filter & Oil Mist Collection

PV-50 Standalone Machine Tool Coolant Filter & Oil Mist Collection

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These PV-50 machine tool coolant filters are tested, proven and verified to be your complete, turnkey liquid, oil and air filtration solution for gear grinding and honing CNC machine tools.

The PV-50 vacuum filter provides you with coolant or oil at the flow rate, pressure, temperature and clarity your machine tool requires.

And, the new The Stealth/Eliminator Mist Collector, attached to these PV-50's, uses a highly effective first stage separator to remove oil mist and recycles the cutting fluid directly back to the machine tool for reuse. 

The Stealth's secondary media filters makes sure the shop air meets or exceeds OSHA requirements and limits.

The PV-50 CNC coolant filter uses either permanent or disposable media to optimize fluid clarity and remove swarf from machining and gear grinding operations.

Ultimately, cleaner temperature controlled coolants lead to longer-lasting, more effective and safer coolant as well as a better final product.


The standard PV-50 machine tool coolant filter gives you these benefits:

- Filtration Section which utilizes either permanent or disposable media 

- Drying Station which removes as much oil as possible from the filtered swarf prior to discharge

- CNC Machine Tool Supply Pumps

- Stealth/Eliminator Mist Collector and Coolant Recovery

- Spindle and Cutting Fluid Chiller

- PLC Control Panel, to provide the CNC machine tool with a single operator interface

The PV-50 CNC coolant/oil filter provides machine tool manufacturers a standalone, turnkey liquid, oil and air filtration management system.

It also has small footprint, fully integrated design, guaranteed reliability and the option for complete customization to meet your specific design requirements.

Are you happy with your surface grinding machine coolant filtration now?

Want a super reliable, tested and proven all-in-one machine tool coolant filter and mist collection coolant recovery system? Call 248-427-9090 now, our filtration experts would love to help you get the perfect system for your CNC machines.

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