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filtra-systems walnut shell media filter

Filtra-Systems innovative Deep Bed Nut Shell Media Filter has overcome the limitations of conventional bed type industrial water filters by leveraging a maximum efficiency regeneration design.

This media regeneration in our walnut shell filter is achieved using the kinetic model of a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR), which makes the backwash the most efficient, most powerful, most economical, and only scientifically proven regeneration technology offered on the market today.

Designing, building, and listening to customers' feedback for decades has given us the competitive advantage necessary to engineer the world's best filtration products, including these Walnut Shell Media Filters.

With almost forty years of experience in industrial water and wastewater filtration, we've engineered, built and field-tested solutions for customers in a very wide variety of industries.

The Deep Bed Nut Shell Filter is a proven technology with hundreds of installations worldwide, in a variety of difficult applications.

When your sand, anthracite, or multimedia industrial water filter system stops backwashing properly, the Walnut Shell Filter will do the job, guaranteed.

a leader in the oil & Gas industry

Deep Bed Nutshell Filters are down flow, deep bed, nut shell media filters Hydromation Deep Bed Filterdesigned for oily water filtration.

As the liquid passes through the walnut shell filter's media bed, oil and solids are efficiently retained in the bed and can easily be backwashed out of the media bed with the patented rotating media scrubbing assembly.

These backwash assemblies are the best technology available for fluidizing the media bed, and allows the manufacture of large flow horizontal units. No chemicals, surfactants, or air sparging cycles are required for the backwash.


In high volume water and wastewater filtration applications, Deep Bed Nutshell Filters are used to remove suspended solids and insoluble hydrocarbons from oily wastewater, groundwater, plant process water, cooling water, and water recycling and reuse. 

In metalworking, power generation, chemical, and petrochemical applications, these industrial water filters treat and remove suspended solids, oily residues, ash, and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids.

Deep Bed Walnut Shell filtration systems give you double the throughput efficiency of conventional sand or graded mixed-media filters for removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons.

Under normal operating conditions, they remove 95 to 99% of suspended solids, and 90 to 99% of insoluble hydrocarbons without the use of chemicals.

This unparalleled efficiency makes the Walnut Shell Media Filter one of the best industrial water purification systems on the market today.


what makes the Deep Bed walnut shell filter unique?

Unique to the Deep Bed nutshell industrial water filters is a patented media Hydromation Deep Bed Filter - Multiplescrubbing cycle that fully regenerates the media filtration system during each backwash cycle.

This scrubbing cycle is initiated automatically, whenever the filter bed becomes dirt-laden.

A change in pressure differential across the filter bed or an automatic preset time signal activates backwashing.

The current Walnut Shell media design incorporates the high intensity of a mixer to vigorously agitate the media bed during the scrubbing cycle. 

The mixer is combined with the separating efficiency of a rotating backwash scrubber screen to produce the optimum separation of the scrubbed media from the concentrated backwash fluids.


engineered and supported to meet your needs

Deep Bed Walnut Shell filters provide operation with pressure or vacuum flow to meet your specific on-site requirements. 

Filtra-Systems provides engineering, lab analysis, installation, and service support for our Walnut Shell media and other products worldwide.


EXPLORE more today!

Meeting the industrial filtration demands of your specific industry, our Deep Bed Walnut Shell Media Filter is available in ten standard vertical models, and six standard horizontal models.

Below you will find some projects that have benefited from our technology. To check out how these Nut Shell Media Filters will increase your efficiency and productivity in your operation, contact us today!

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8 WAYS filtra-systems' walnut shell media filter WILL HELP YOU...

  • Quickly removes 95%-98% solids greater than 2 microns
  • Easily removed 90%-95%+ oils (insoluble hydrocarbons)
  • Permanent life-time walnut shell media design reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Higher flux rate double sand or mixed media water filters, minimize filter area required
  • Robust backwash design utilizing mixing minimizes backwash water
  • Never any chemicals of air scouring required
  • Multiple sizes and models which handle flows from 100 gpm to 12,000 gpm
  • Pre-Conditioned Media ready for instant installation. Speeds up start up time by 10x.

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