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Product Brochures

Stealth X Series Mist Collection

This Stealth X Series Brochure gives you an overview of the Filtra-Systems mist collection series.

The Stealth X series mist collector is fully modular and easily customizable to fit your applications.

The entire product line is engineered to handle a wide range of your air processing from oil or water soluable cutting lubricants, part washers, or smoke... Check it out for more details.

Stealth X1 Series Mist Collector

The Stealth X1 Mist Collector is fully modular, easily customizable to handle a wide range of your air processing applications. From Fine Oil Mist to Water Soluble Coolant, Parts Washers to Process Smoke, the Filtra-Systems Stealth has many ways to optimize any of your air handling requirements. 

Stealth XC Series Mist Collector

Stealth XC compact mist collector:

0-1,000 cfm Water-soluble, washer and smoke applications. 0-600 cfm Oil and fine oils mist applications.

Configurable from 2 stages, 3 stages, or up to 4 stages of filtration are available.

Stealth XD Series Mist Collector

Stealth XD mist collector:

1,800-3,600 cfm Water-soluble, washer and smoke applications. 1,200-2,400 cfm Oil and fine oils mist applications.

Configurable from 2 stages, 3 stages, or up to 4 stages of filtration are available.

Stealth XE Series Mist Collector

Stealth XE mist collector:

3,600 to 36,000+ cfm Water-soluble, washer and smoke applications. 2,200 to 24,000+ cfm oil and fine oils mist applications.

Configurable from 2 stages, 3 stages, or up to 4 stages of filtration are available.

Stealth XM Series Mist Collector

Stealth XM micro-mist collector:

0-600 cfm water-soluble, washer and smoke applications. 0-300 cfm Oil and fine oils mist applications.

Unit comes standard with 3 stages of filtration.

Single machine applications.

Stealth ZE Dust & Fume Collector Brochure

ZE Series Dust Collector

The Filtra-Systems modular ZE series dust collector will support individual or several applications within the manufacturing process.

You'll get high filtration efficiency with minimal investment. The modular design offers the capability to build small or as large as the process needs.


Verti-Press Dewatering Filter

The Filtra-Systems Verti-Press filter is perfect when you need to dewater solids in your waste stream; turning your waste into a revenue stream!

And, the Verti-Press comes in a variety of different sizes to meet the needs of your organization.

Even better, the Verti-Press automatic filter presses can easily and efficiently replace a more traditional plate and frame filter and deliver higher efficiencies and profits.

Bag Filter Housings and Media

For over 40 years, Filtra-Systems has designed, redesigned, engineered, manufactured, tested and proven how the right bag filter systems, bag filter housing and filter media will help you get a more efficient and profitable manufacturing process.

Filtra Systems EV Capability Brochure

With over 40 years of experience supporting the automotive industry, Filtra-Systems has created an environment where our continued customer support and innovation are used to develop products from several multinational automotive companies and part suppliers.

PermaVac (PV50) Filtration Modular System

The PermaVac (PV50) filtration module is engineered to reach your required clarity for typical high-speed gear grinding, fine grinding and polish grinding applications.

Perfect for Grinding, Machining, Drilling, Milling, Turning, Broaching, Honing, and more!

Voyager Modular Water Treatment Systems

The VOYAGER modular water treatment systems can be placed in a series, filtering and purifying almost any contaminated water using multi-process capabilities for applications at any scale.

Tested and proven, the VOYAGER is engineered as a single point, mobile, turnkey system, 100% guaranteeing you will remove all PFAS (PFOS / PFOA) levels significantly below the federal EPA standards (70 ppt).

STiR Industrial Water Filter Systems

Filtra-Systems’ patented STiR fluidization technology significantly improves filter performance when compared to older technologies like sand, anthracite and carbon media filters, which do not completely fluidize the media during backwash and are susceptible to media fouling.

Under normal operating conditions, the STiR removes 95% to 99% of suspended solids and 90% to 99% of insoluble hydrocarbons, without the use of chemicals.

Home, Office, Apartment Universal In-Line PFAS Filter

In a matter of minutes, you have safer PFAS free drinking water because the PFAS filter quickly mounts under your sink on the sidewall of your cabinet taking up little to no space.

By the way, it also easily fits behind your refrigerator in in-line for PFAS free cold water and Ice.

Click here to get your tested and proven PFAS filter for your home, office, apartment or facility today?