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Products: CNC Machine Tool Coolant Mist Collectors—Single or Central Systems

CNC Machine Tool Coolant Mist Collectors—Single or Central Systems

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 multi-stage separation

The First Stage Centrifugal Separator uses Filtra-Systems patented "At The Machine" technology.

This mist collection / mist eliminator filter system uses centrifugal separation to remove oil mist from air. Droplets are then gravity-drained back into the machine tool, decreasing coolant losses (and reducing the cost of make-up coolant). 

Unlike other centrifugal oil mist eliminators, there are no moving parts at this stage, eliminating the excess maintenance typically required with these systems.

This mist eliminator's second stage separator removes the remaining mist particulate. 

It uses of a combination metal screen and polypropylene mesh located in the mist collector housing.

The final stage of filtration is a 95% DOP filter, which is 95% efficient at 0.3 micron.

Filtra-Systems Gen II Mist Collectors are typically used in applications where the maximum particulate discharge is 0.5 mg/m3.

While partnering with our clients, we have developed a System Air Velocity Grid, which helps to select the optimal efficiency point for all mist collectors, and allows us to properly balance mist collector systems that contain multiple machines.


Individual and central MIST COLLECTION systems available

These mist collection filter / mist eliminator filter systems are available in a wide range of sizes and are used with both straight oil and water soluble coolants.

Individual oil mist collectors sized from 250 - 2000 CFM can be used on a single CNC machine. Central mist collection systems (4000 - 30,000 CFM) are available for use on multiple machines.

Standard ductwork designs are available with the mist collection system. Capture boxes are also available to stop chips from entering your ductwork and plugging the separators.


Health benefits

When coolants and oils are sprayed onto parts during metal cutting, honing, and grinding processes, mist gets into the air.

This oil mist may cause health problems. Respiratory issues may be caused by the inhalation of oil mists, and long term exposure can also cause skin disease.

The current OSHA standard for mineral oil in air is a maximum of 5 mg/m3.

Also, maintenance problems could occur as this mist accumulates on walls, floors, and machines.

Filtra-Systems Gen II Mist Collectors are mounted to the cutting machine, and prevent oil mists from entering the workplace air. Explore more about oil mist collector benefits which can help improve the health of your workforce.

You have a manufacturing facility. We have a way to make it a safer, cleaner, working environment that your employees will appreciate.

Call us now and talk to our experts, 248-427-9090. You'll discover how these individual or central mist collection systems can help you and your facility.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help you.

More Info

- Individual mist collector machines with 250 - 2,000 CFM capabilities

- Central mist collector machines with 4,000 - 30,000 CFM capabilities

- Quick & easy installation

- Efficiencies up to 99%

- Standard sizes to fit all applications

- Optional standard ductwork, for every application, available upon request

- Capture Box option uses a chip deflector to prevent chips from entering the ductwork can be provided with each mist collector


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