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Magnetic Filtration

Magnetic Coolant Filtration & Separator

Magnetic coolant filtration uses a set of magnetic filtration bars that are submerged within a dirty fluid. 

Since the magnetic coolant separator works by producing a magnetic field the loading zones that collect magnetic iron and steel particles on the magnetics.

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Filtra-Systems has been helping companies in a wide range of industries meet their industrial filtration needs for almost four decades. 

Our magnetic coolant separator design continues this tradition and is highly efficient at removing very fine magnetic particles from machine tool coolant liquids. 

These magnetic bars are optimally spaced to maximize magnetic field strength and increase removal efficiencies.  The average particle to magnet distance is a maximum of .25”  The particles filtered from the coolants are typically less than five microns and are incredibly difficult to remove without splitting the coolant package or removing oil additives.

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  • The magnetic coolant filtration's unique inside-to-outside flow pattern guarantees 100% of the coolant will pass between the closely spaced magnetic bars, completely eliminating any potential settling problems
  • The magnetic bars are indexed periodically to the top of the unit, above the liquid level, where the patented scraper design cleans the entire circumference of each magnet during the scraping cycle
  • All material scraped from the magnetic bars falls directly into a screw conveyor auger and is discharged from the unit into a sludge hopper
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Product Range

  • Water Soluble 60-3200 GPM
  • Neat Oil 30-1600 GPM
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Features and Benefits

This magnetic filter features a gravity flow-through design that eliminates the need for pumps, thereby reducing failure points and future maintenance costs.

The Magnet-Tight magnetic coolant separator reduces disposable media consumption in primary filters by removing tramp and ferrous particles from the system and extend coolant life substantially.

Magnets used in ferrous applications are an alternative green technology.  

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Industry Applications

Our Magnetic Filtration Systems can be used in a variety of different applications including:

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