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Oil Delivery Filtration System

Cutting Oil & Fluid Filtration System

The cutting oil and fluid filtration system is a complete solution for neat oil processing.  

Designed in a modular skidded design to not only filter the oil to the specifications outlined by the process but also to incorporate conditioning the oil to return it to its highest operating potential.  

With the modular skids incorporating step filtration, temperature control, heat temperating, water removal, and a pump delivery system that is custom-designed to deliver oil at the pressure and flow. 

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Filtra-Systems packaged several operations into a single platform to ensure that the total oil refining could be met by a single system allowing for easier management of the system.

Typically used to filter various transmission oils to industry-specific grades that meet ISO 15/13 Standard.

Many of these cutting oil and fluid filtration systems are currently installed at world-class manufacturing facilities, and allow continuous testing of singular or multiple transmissions meet very stringent operating and environmental regulations.

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The oil delivery system operates in several different capacities as it is considered to be related closely to the production capacity output. 

The design of the system is selected based on the user's operation of oil fill times or testing requirements. 

With typically operating under multiple layers of step filtration in the background the primary focus is on deliver or return the oil to the production line within the proper specifications set by the application.

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Product Range

The cutting oil and fluid filtration system can be easily scaled to meet the requirements as needed.

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Features and Benefits

Auxiliary skids can be added to reclaim oil caught in machine processes that are not incorporated in a closed-loop design.  Reclaiming this expensive oil, and reconditioning it for use in the primary process.  This separate filtration loop saves expensive disposal and oil management costs.

All the skids are assembled and tested on our manufacturing floor allowing for s seamless and quick installation.

Particle and water content monitoring instrumentation is available for data management to streamline live data, without lab testing.

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Industry Applications

Our Oil Delivery Filtration System Systems can be used in a variety of different applications including:

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